Do you want to know what inspiration really looks like?

You do? Let me start with this: We all get our inspiration in different ways from different places, but every single one of us will feel inspired when we watch the video above. Trust me. Meet Heath Calhoun and his parents, then read on…

As I mentioned last week, I had the amazing opportunity to go to New York City and celebrate the 100-day countdown to the winter Olympics in Sochi with Kellogg’s. I am always excited about the Olympics (who isn’t?), but this year I felt a new feeling… I can’t put it into words.

I guess I should preface this by telling you something that you may already know (but I never knew) – the Paralympics occur at the same time as the Olympics. I wasn’t aware of this because it’s never been televised before. This Olympics will be the first time that the Paralympics will be televised here at home (on NBC), and I am so excited about it! Kellogg’s Team USA is a group of amazing American athletes, which this year includes two Paralympic athletes on the roster. I want to wax on about how amazing I think they are and how excited I am to watch them compete in Sochi, but I can’t do them the justice they deserve with words. Just watch these videos and see if you don’t feel like wiping away a tear before jumping up to put your body into action.

This is Amy Purdy. She lost her legs in the blink of an eye to bacterial meningitis. One day she was walking, and 24 hours later she lost both of her legs. She lived and suffered, but now she is an Olympian. Watch her family’s story – show it to your kids. I am so inspired by her.

To learn more about Heath and Amy and the rest of Kellogg’s Team USA, visit I am honored to be sponsored by Kellogg’s along with these athletes in their efforts to give Great Starts to children in need by providing breakfast for a child every time you instagram or tweet with the hashtag #greatstarts. Could anything be easier? Do it now!


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