Fancy Camera Fun Time Go!

Canon Train
I had such a blast last Saturday with my family at the Canon “Let it Snow Globe” event! They even let me borrow a brand new Canon EOS Rebel T5i to snap pictures of the festivities, like this super cute train village inside a giant room-sized snow globe.

There was even real snow (this is very cool to a six-year-old in Los Angeles who has seen real snow a total of one time in her life).
Canon Snow

The T5i really makes it so easy to take a gorgeous picture. This girl’s face… I could just stare at it all day.
Canon Polar Bear

This guy isn’t so bad either.
Canon Carleton

I also got to hang out with Bryce Dallas Howard, who is just as lovely as you would imagine.
Canon "Let It Snow" Globe

And we had some fun posing.
Canon Let it Snow Globe

I even got a little lesson in low-light photography from a Canon expert from inside a life-sized gingerbread house. Not bad!
Canon Low Light

Then we had a family portrait taken, and they printed it out right there wireless-ly to a Canon PIXMA printer.
Canon Scarlet

What do you think?
Canon Family Portrait

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the Canon North Pole PIXMA app. It’s so cute! You can write, draw, and create your holiday wish list then watch as it’s sent to Santa’s workshop, where he gets it right off of his Canon PIXMA printer. The kids will have fun with it for sure.
Canon North Pole PIXMA App



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