Friday I’m in Love: Olaf, Slow Cookers, and Deep Thoughts with Jaime + Jacinda

Olaf Frozen Party Printable Do you want to build a snowman?… but don’t want to go outside? Print up our DIY Snowman Garland with Free Printable and help the kids with their shapes and scissor skills at the same time.

Polar Vortex Craft Club: DIYs to Fight Cabin Fever

10 Tips for Inspirational Winter Porches

Happy mother and child sitting together in airplane cabin near window
What Postcards from Family Vacations Should Really Say

Have these waiting for the little (and big) kids when they come in from the cold

Wake up to deliciousness in the slow cooker

A healthy and adorable after-school snack for those you love

The cutest hairstyle tutorials for girls

Orange Marmalade
Slow Cooker Tangerine Marmalade. Yes please, with toast and a slice of cheese.

Have you considered Volunteer Travel?

The World’s Best Little Italys. Does your city’s make the list?

Motherhood and Travel: Why the Adventure is Just Beginning, a beautiful essay from Jaime.

Congrats, You’re a 5-Year-Old Mother! And Other Famous Leap Year Babies

And really I just wanted an excuse to post this heart-melting throw-back photo of my friend Brad holding 4-month old Clare but while I’m at it… 5 Reasons I’ve Given for Not Defending Gay Rights

Have an amazing weekend Prudent People. XOXO


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