Friday I’m in Love with Tire Safety Tips Every Mom Should Know

Today we are talkin’ tires. Stop! Don’t turn away just yet. Riddle me this, would you push your baby in a stroller if someone told you the tires could give out at any moment and you’d lose complete control?

Pretty Prudent was sent on a mission with many other mom bloggers to the Cooper Tire Mom Ride-N-Drive in San Antonio, Texas. I know what you’re thinking, “you ain’t no mama!” True. However, I’ve nannied for the past eight years so it’s kind of like I’ve been a teen mom/college student mama/unwed blogger mama to infants and toddlers throughout that whole time, right? Where were we? Oh, yes.

We spent the weekend racing cars…

Before we go any further those sound clips of me laughing and saying, “maybe I need to focus more on driving” were so taken out of context. Cooper tire had us do this hilarious Distracted Driving course where someone acted as a “baby” while we drove. The “baby” distracted us by throwing Angry Birds at our faces, telling us they puked on themselves, asking to change the radio station, among many other things and Cooper tire timed our reaction time. Being a naturally cautious driver (tooting my own horn), I completely ignored my “child” in the backseat. When she asked for the radio station on I turned it on. When she said she wasn’t happy with the station. I simply said, “well then I’m sorry we aren’t going to listen to anything.” Pretty much by the end of the course my “baby” was covered in her own vomit, bottles were thrown across the car, pacifiers were lost in the vortex of my seat, and hey, we got there safely.

Here’s a peek…

Between racing cars on wet pads, getting to burn out with indy race car legend Johnny Unser, and learning a whole lot I never knew about tires, I came home with a HUGE appreciation for the meaning of good tires.

Good Tires:
– Can keep you from hydroplaning across a sleek road with your kids in the backseat.
– They can ensure you brake safely (even last minute) on your summer road trip with the family.
– Have to swerve out of the way? A good set of tires will help give you the control you need.
– Save you money since they help improve fuel economy.

Here are some extremely helpful tips to take with you…

Tire Safety Tips Every Mom Should Know:

-You should rotate your tires every 5,000-to 8,000 miles – about every other oil change

-In the instance that you might have to get only two new tires (instead of the recommended four), you should always make sure to put the two new tires in the back. It’s easier to handle the car if you lose control in the front, versus spinning out in the back. Trust me, I know and it was amazing to do on the wet track, but totally unsafe.

– Repair a small puncture (under 1/4 inch) with both a plug and a patch. Never just one of those.

-If you’re unsure about the correct amount of inflation pressure, you can usually find a label with information on the inside of your door, or in the owners manual. Make sure not to over or under inflate your tires, you could do a whole lot of damage.

-Take five minutes of time every month to ensure your tires are in tiptop condition.

I never was one to pay too much attention to my tires, but after going to the Cooper Tire Mom Ride-N-Drive I now have a crazy new appreciation for them. You can get more information on tire safety at the Cooper Tires Safety Tips page.




This is such great information! I must admit that I am so jealous of your trip. I want to go spinning around in cars!


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