I’m Buying a House, But Not Any of These. Gah.

Jaime's Dream Kitchen…or at least trying to. I made an offer on a total run-down fixer that was built in the 30’s and hasn’t been touched since the 70’s. Fingers crossed! I want to make that kitchen above (Via The Wall Street Journal) my new reality. But in the meantime, I wanted to talk to you about something serious. Real estate photos. Listen, if you are trying to sell a house, don’t you think you might consider taking a decent picture? Alas, many people seem to miss this key point. Let’s look at a few of my choice favorite bad real estate photos I’ve come across just in my area over the last few weeks, and let’s all enjoy Jacinda’s biting commentary.

“This cozy and charming abode is walking distance from many conveniences including the supermarket.”
MLS Shopping Cart

“It’s time to sell this house 0’clock somewhere.”
MLS Wine Time

“If your house doesn’t have a walk in closet, you’re not trying hard enough.”
MLS Green Closet I told Scarlet this would be her room, and the bear stays.

What is even happening here? Did they paint half the wall and just say “Screw it. Screw this house.” and walk out?
MLS Paint

“I bet you didn’t even notice the raw hem of our curtains.”
MLS toilet

This one is my favorite, because it comes with a home office! So good for a career blogger. AND it comes with FREE KETCHUP!
MLS Home Office

Sold. Stay tuned for more updates on my home buying saga. And whatever you do, don’t post a picture of your toilet with the seat up on the MLS. I can’t take it anymore.




Ladies, thank you for making my morning a little brighter. These pictures, especially the last one, the one with the ketchup aperitif on the table by the carport, have got Warren Zevon’s “Send Lawyers, Guns and Money” running through my head. Over and over again…


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