Jacinda’s Texas Oasis: Help Me Pick the Style!

Texas Backyard OasisA few weeks ago I shared some before shots of my backyard which is about to get a major makeover. In hindsight they were some boring pictures of grass, my overrun garden, and my three over-sized cats. Sincerely, thank you for not mentioning it. There is definitely room for improvement in this project and, you guys, I’m going to need your help making some decisions.

But first I want to share the major inspiration for our project. About a year ago, my husband Rick came across this drool-worthy open air pavillion in Texas Hill Country by Lake | Flato. Really, go look at the rest of the pics, they even work an airstream into the outdoor living space. Besides being gorgeous we loved that it would blend with the existing style of our home, leaned modern while embracing the rugged Texas landscape, and just generally looked like a place that we would like to sit and watch the people we love enjoying life for the next 50 years. If only we could get that gorgeous view they have going on. Photos by Casey Dunn

Texas Backyard Oasis Texas Backyard Oasis

We found a partner in Dallas-based Bonick Landscaping and set out to design the perfect space for us, which includes a dining area, a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen and bar, a hot tub, and YES a pool. I am so excited you guys, so excited that even though we have not even broken ground, and I haven’t even shown you the plans, I’m making style boards. It’s what I do. I started with one style board… it was very Texas Modern (right?)…


But then I wanted to change a few things up and it became a bit Moroccan…


Then I got all… Turkisk? Modern? With a gold Texas pillow? I’m not a purist, y’all, I just like what I like.


Isn’t it interesting how changing just an outdoor rug and a throw pillow can give a space an entirely different feel? A room makeover for under $100!

But most importantly, I need your input. Which style would look great in my TBD backyard oasis? Can you leave a comment and tell me which way to lean? Texas, Morocco or Turkey?

1. Leather-latched Wall Planter | Anthropologie

2. Texas Home Pillow | Etsy

3. Zuo Wire Chrome Dining Chairs | Lamps Plus

4. Rustic Melamine Dinner Plates | Williams Senoma

5A. Diagonal Frayed Peach/Rose Pillow | West Elm

5B. Quilted Black and White Pillow | Target

5C. Kilim Pillow | Etsy

6. Terramoto Striped Pitcher | Casa.com

7A.Mad Mats Navajo Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mat | Amazon

7B. Mad Mats Moroccan Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mat | Amazon

7C. Mad Mats Oriental Turkish Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mat | Amazon

8. Bryant Outdoor Sectional | Room & Board

9. Tasseled Lagoon Towels | Anthropologie

10. Moroccan Patio Pouf (Vegan) | Lamps Plus


Texan, Moroccan or Turkish Modern? Which is your pick?






@prudentjacinda, it is all perfect. I love that the white puff makes it in no matter what, cause it’s my fave. Cannot wait to see the outcome.


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