Keys to My Heart Lollipop Valentines

Scarlet holds the key to my heart, obvs.  This year she is very excited about her Valentines Day party at school, and she insisted there be lots of pink.

She also adores lollipops, so it was only natural to make lollipop valentines.

With a few paper cut outs and some time, we pulled these little Valentines together.

Learn how to make Keys to My Heart Valentines after the jump…

And be sure to leave a comment, because this week’s surprise prize for fave comment wins that amazing embroidery pattern!

Keys to My Heart Lollipop Valentines

I started by making lollipops.  You can just BUY lollipops, and this project will be about 5,000 times faster, ha. Anyhoo, I’ll walk you through making lollipops with a full tute soon, but for now, just use Martha Stewart’s recipe, she seems to know what’s up: Martha Stewart Lollipop Recipe.  It’s way easy. I used these heart candy molds my MIL passed down to me (love):

Here are some finished lollipops.  I used Wilton pink coloring but I guess I overdid it because they turned out perfectly red:

Wrap each lollipop in plastic wrap and secure the back with a sticker.

Then I cut out some keys using my silhouette machine, but you could use a key craft punch, die cut keys, actual keys, or cut your own.  I cut a 6 inch piece of yarn (baker’s twine would have been cuter, but I was out) and slipped both ends of the yarn through two paper keys:

Then I pulled the ends through the loop like so:

Now tie your yarn around the base of your lollipop, wrapping a few times and cutting off the excess:

Then I cut some paper hearts and wrote “love, scarlet” on them.  Again I used my silhouette machine, but you can easily cut your own paper hearts.  The hearts need to have two slits in them to pass the lollipop stick through:

Slip the lollipops through the slits. Done!





Extremely cute idea. I LOVE the keys đŸ™‚ Remember those yummy cherry-flavored lollipops the LifeSavers used to make? And how they were always heart-shaped for Valentine's? Those were awesome.


Oooooooo, I wanna do that too!!! Alas, we have already crafted and cut and stickered and written our precious names in Preschooler and Kindergarten text (Mama is not a procrastinator AND Mama has 3 REAL teachers and 46 Jr. teachers to make gifts for AS WELL). . . um yes I have run out of flour and eggs. . . SCONES=LOVE right? I love LOTS hee hee ;o)


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