Let’s Talk Bathroom Fantasies

Remember a month ago when I shared the above video of myself, Heather of The Sphors are MultiplyingJessica Gottlieb, and Ciaran of Momfluential discussing cleaning of, well, our booties? Yeah, that happened. It was part of a sponsored program I did with Cottonelle, and it was pretty funny. Why am I bringing this up again? Because Cottonelle is giving away four $10,000 bathroom makeovers, and I feel like you might want a $10,000 bathroom makeover. If I had $10,000 for a bathroom makeover, here’s what I would want…

1. I want a fireplace in my bathroom. I just do.

Spotted at Apartment Therapy.

2. Coral walls would make my day, but it’s the vintage table re-imagined as a vanity that would make my bathroom fantasies come true. Spotted here.

3. This is basically fantasy bathroom, because of the steel bathtub… just kidding, it’s because of the tv, ha.

4. A claw foot bathtub with a whirlpool jacuzzi jet system. Doesn’t exist, hence lack of inspiring image, but I still want it.

5. To get to be alone in there. Alone in my own bathroom? I forget what that is like.

Go enter the Cottonelle $10,000 bathroom makeover giveaway here! It’s easy, just click the “aha” button and follow the instructions. Good Luck!




1. I mocked my husband when he put a TV in our bathroom. I use it way more than him. I love it.

2. One of my pals has a fireplace in her bathroom and she uses it every day. I’m totally jealous.

Love this post. A claw foot jacuzzi!! That sounds like perfection.

Jacinda Out.


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