My eyes, my eyes! What I’m Watching on YouTube…

First, I just want to thank my husband for the finest un-romantic valentine’s day gift (Silpat Baking Pan hello??), and an even finer card.

Now onto what I’m watching on this here newfangled YouTube…
If there’s anything I love more than Matt Damon, it’s water. And after watching this, I have a whole new appreciation for my toilet. It’s funny, and I learned that only provides water for one person for life. Learn more at

I feel a kinship with Amy Poehler because we both give advice to young girls – me through my Prudent Advice books, and Amy through her amazing website/online series Smart Girls at the Party. Among other things, girls can ask Amy a question and she answers vlog-style. Here’s one she did about Math. YES!

My ladieeez over at TMV uploaded this hilarious skit for V-day, with Carlie letting you know exactly what it is that guys want to hear. I was cracking up. Kayli (with the clown makeup at the end, lol) is also my co-host… I can’t wait to tell you about our new show!

This video fills my heart until I think it might explode. I shall never tire of it.

And while I’m sharing YouTube faves, this is my favorite video from the Prudent Baby YouTube channel. I hope you like it.

What are y’all watching on YouTube? Any channels I need to be subscribing to? Send me some links!

And if you plan to turn off the internet-tv and do something social like throw a shower this spring, Jacinda rounded up some ideas for ya…

25 Springtime Baby Shower Themes for Boys and 25 Springtime Baby Shower Themes for Girls

Hope your weekend is filled with sweetness!




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