Nail Trend Take One: Whaddya Think?

Earlier this week I posted a round up of 25 Fun & Flirty Nail Trends to Try, so I figured I’d give one a shot at my monthly visit to the nail salon. I went with the apricot and one-gold-ring-finger look spotted at Cupcakes and Cashmere. What do you think? I think I’m kinda feeling it, but the toes…

All sparkles. My toes are kind of hideous so I’m not sure glittering them up was the best plan, HA

Eeeew, I have total finger-toes

Ahahaha, sorry, didn’t mean to gross you out lol. But seriously, do I look ridiculous or what?




I don't glitter my toes, either. lol I think I would like the fingers better if the ring finger had the apricot underneath of the gold. Just my personal style. I really love the apricot color, though! 🙂


I like the fingernail polish, not so much the toenail polish (regardless of it being on toes or fingers). Maybe if you were going clubbing? It seems too much for day to day…


I have total finger toes too! I don't think I'm a big fan of the new nail trend, you have lovely hands and nails though!


I love it! The apricot keeps it simple for day-to-day while the sparkles add a bit of fun! And lets face it we all need a little bit of sparkle in our lives! I always use something a bit more over the top on my toes as its so easy to cover up if needed. Fingers are not so easy! Looking forward to seeing what you try next!

Lara Petch

I do a french mani (pedi??) on my toes and where the white meets the nude color, I do a stripe of glitter. Its alittle more toned down, but still fun 🙂


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