Neon & Nude Nail Art Tutorial

This is the first tutorial in our neon and nude series! Since neon and nude is a happening trend, we wanted to show you some fun ways to incorporate it into your daily life. Ally, from Nail in the Coffee, is back with yet another super simple and adorable tutorial. I am pretty incompetent when it comes to doing fancy schmancy designs on my nails, but these I can do. Have you tried her Nautical Stripe nails or Springing into Summer nails yet?

Enjoy some nail eye candy by checking out her amazing Nude Holo & Black nails she wore to Coachella. She celebrated the 4th with her own Abstract Firework nail art and my personal favorite, the Tell Me About It, Stud nails where she uses real silver sprinkles.

Add a burst of neon and nude to your nails with this tutorial after the jump…

Nothing accentuates the great tan you’ve been working on (safely with SPF, of course) like a little Neon & Nude action. I’ve been dying to do this for you guys (just ask Colleen), and it’s so super simple that you have no excuse not to try it.

Step 1. Choose your favorite nude polish and paint all your nails. I chose this buttercream tone that makes neon pop even more than a darker nude would.

Step 2. With the neon polish of your choice, make a diagonal stroke from the middle-front to the outer corner of your nail. If you want to create a narrower triangle, start higher up the nail, and don’t come all the way to the outer corner of your nail.

Step 3. Repeat step 2, starting in the middle, out to the opposite outer corner.

Step 4. Make a third stroke from the middle straight down to fill in any gap (your pinky might not even need this last step).

Don’t forget to finish with your favorite topcoat – Neons often dry with a slightly matte finish.

This is a really great manicure for when your nails aren’t all the same length – the visual distraction camouflages any differences between them. So grab your favorite Neon and Nude accessory and go!

Here are the colors I used:

China Glaze Nail Polish Poolside POOL PARTY

Keep it hot, keep it classy ladies!

Till soon,





Margeaux – actually this looks awesome on short nails… I daresay better than on long nails! Give it a try – you’ll love it!

<3 | nail in the coffee

Frugalous Life

I have those shoes from Target!! Def going to be trying this next polish refresh. Love your blog and hope you get a chance to check out mine I’m just getting started!


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Francesca Hammond

The combination of neon and nude is a definite head-turner, and your step-by-step guide makes it seem so achievable, even for someone like me who’s not a nail art expert. I love how you’ve chosen the buttercream nude to make the neon shades really pop. Plus, the tip about how this manicure can camouflage uneven nail lengths is a game-changer!


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