Our Backyard “Farm” Year Four!

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Every spring I absolutely delight in sharing with you the progress of our urban backyard “farm.” We live in the heart of Los Angeles but are blessed with a tiny piece of land and some semi-green thumbs. My thumbs get a little greener every year. I just spent a few hours looking back on year one, year two, and year three of our backyard farm updates, and it just gets me more excited for this, our fourth season as growers! Thanks to all the tips and advice you have given me, I am sure this will be our most productive year yet. And I can’t believe how much Scarlet has grown since we first started planting. I will tell you this ladies, get them started early because they will learn to love. Our time in the yard is HER TIME, she enjoys every second of her alone-time with mommy in the yard, and has such pride in the vegetables and fruits we grow and eat.

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