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Semi-DIY: Apothecary Jar of Candy

Although I might prefer Jaime’s version, I would be so excited to get a little apothecary jar filled with a festive treat as a hostess gift. Nothing says “the holidays” to me like ribbon candy. Yummy and so pretty!For a little something special, add a personalized touch. A “sweet” little graphic or a monogram painted… Read more »

Backyard Tangerine Vanilla Bean Marmalade

Tangerine Vanilla Bean Marmalade Recipe | Pretty Prudent

We are so lucky that our new home has a gorgeous, giant tangerine tree and the fruit is just ripening, so get ready for an onslaught of tangerine recipes. Up first is tangerine marmalade.  I guess you aren’t really supposed to use Baby Food Jars for preserves but I feel like that’s all part of… Read more »

10 Tools/Supplies for Making Hair Clips

my niece Juliette. eee, the cuteness. One of my favorite crafts is making hair clips for the girlies. They are so easy and at $8-$20 for a pretty clip at a boutique, very prudent to make on your own. I’m going to be showing you how to make a bunch of different styles over the… Read more »

DIY Cozy Embroidered Clock

This started out as a simple project. I was going to turn a stretched piece of fabulous fabric into a clock with a ready-made clock kit. Then I considered spray painting the numbers white. Then I thought… I could embroider the numbers! So here we are a few weeks later. Ever have one of those… Read more »

Baby Food Jar Projects: Toasted Pumpkin Seed Holder

I like the idea of lining up a bunch of flavors and serving them in labeled baby food jars on Halloween with cider.  There’s not much DIY here, just put them in the jar, but these are Garlic Parmesan flavored and go well with the Stuffed Pumpkin…recipe after the jump! by Jaime

DIY Party Hats!

DIY Party Hats

You can make all of your adorable themed party hats, or you can create a fun activity by letting the kids decorate their own!  Just construct the plain hats ahead of time, spread out a bunch of doo-dads and glue and glitter and what-not, and let the kids go to town.  Maybe give out a… Read more »

DIY Expression Collage

I flew to Rhode Island with both babies last month. I was scared. I asked for lots of advice. People were so helpful. On flight #2 Clare(2) got a bit fidgety (who can blame her?) so I pulled out my secret weapon, the trusty iphone. Clare loves to make funny faces and loves to look… Read more »