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Mom & Tot Wall Hangers by Ish & Chi

Have you ever seen anything so cute yet so elegant?  Viv is the author of one of my favorite design blogs, Ish & Chi, as well as mother to a small fry herself.  She took an ugly old door and in a few steps turned into this adorable and functional vignette. To create these door… Read more »

Baby Food Jar Projects: Pin Cushion

Here’s another fun way to recycle a baby food jar and use up some fabric scraps.  I gathered some bits leftover from my pom pom pillow project and threw this together in about five minutes. Get the how-to after the jump… by Jaime

DIY Baby ZOMBIE Costume

The hubz and I love a good Zombie movie, and with Scarlet being 18 months old we figure this is the last Halloween before we get inundated with princess and fairy costume requests.  So it’s a family of Zombies for us.  I’m sorry but I can’t bring myself to do a big reveal in full… Read more »

DIY Hooded Baby Towel Part 2

I gave Jacinda’s hooded towel how-to a try this weekend.  This one is a gift for a BOY and my first boy project!  It was easy-peasy and I took some different photos of the DIY that might be helpful if you try your own.  And if you do, don’t forget to send it to us or… Read more »

DIY Tray

DIY Tray

This would be a great gift for a new mom. You could include a mug, a box of tea, a book, and a small journal and pen. This particular tray however, is going to make it’s home on my kitchen island ensuring that the giant pile of mail doesn’t slide off of the counter into… Read more »

DIY Cake Stand

Amesh from Indonesia shared an adorable project with us today and it reminded me of a tip from one of my cake decorating classes. Using canned goods to create DIY cake stands! Instructions after the break… What you need: – Corrugated cake boards – Canned goods (unopened) – Several sheets of scrapbooking-weight paper – plus:… Read more »

DIY: Easy Drawstring Bag

Perfect as a re-usable gift wrap, themed to tote party favors, or as storage for wayward blocks, this super-simple drawstring bag DIY from favorite site Purl Bee is a satisfying project to whip out after the kids go to bed:   Etsuka Furuya Echino home-decor weight fabric in yellow $16.95 per yard at superbuzzy… …and in… Read more »

Prettier Formula

I saw this post over at OhDeeDoh and I finally knew what to do with this Jonathan Adler container I picked up for $7 at Homegoods a while back:  Ditch the ugly tub and store powdered formula in it.  It feels good to make a cute container useful, no?  Here’s a few I dug up:… Read more »