We are packing up the truck and heading out for a Football weekend, crossing our fingers that there will be some trick-or-treating for the little ones at the tailgating. Bad/selfish parenting? Eh, a few jello shots and they will forget all about the candy. I kid.
But before we go, I had to send a few Baby-Halloween-Costumes-of-Awesomeness.

First there is Baby Beauty Contestant

And this funny owl

And this rad Ghostbusters inspired costume. Love that mom and dad went with the theme!

And lastly… if you go storebought, you can still do a creative photo-op. These are my favorite Halloween photos ever. Clare & Dad 2007! Let the therapy commence!

and then we couldn’t stop… later that day…

Happy Halloween!


DIY Party Hats!

You can make all of your adorable themed party hats, or you can create a fun activity by letting the kids decorate their own!  Just construct the plain hats ahead of time, spread out a bunch of doo-dads and glue and glitter and what-not, and let the kids go to town.  Maybe give out a prize for the craziest hat!  These were for Scarlet’s Circus Party, get the template and how-to after the jump…



DIY Expression Collage

I flew to Rhode Island with both babies last month. I was scared. I asked for lots of advice. People were so helpful.

On flight #2 Clare(2) got a bit fidgety (who can blame her?) so I pulled out my secret weapon, the trusty iphone. Clare loves to make funny faces and loves to look at pictures of herself so we spent a good half-hour taking and reviewing funny-face pictures. When we got home I downloaded the photos and they made me smile so why not give them a more permanent home?

DIY after the jump (so easy.)