Help, please: What to do with these textiles?

My husband and I are buying a new CAL KING bed this weekend and I’ve been leaving the bedroom un-decorated in anticipation of this day.  I think I’ve thought about it too much and now can’t make any decisions, so I ask for your help.  I have these two gorgeous textiles, the first is an uzbeki suzani and the second is a beautiful otomi.  I want to use one to make an upholstered headboard.  I’m thinking the suzani.  If i do that, and keep all the bedding simple and cream colored, can I use the otomi to make cornices for cream shades?  The cornices will compliment the headboard in shape, so I think using the same fabric would be too much.  Or should I keep all of the other textiles simple? And do you have any recommendations for wall colors or other fabrics for the room that would compliment either of these?  Like a leather cornice or something?  hrmmm…
please help!


DIY scarf for mommy

A pretty scarf is a perfect addition to a no-fuss mommy look. I know that my wardrobe of black/gray tunic/legging combos could use a splash of cozy color. Next up… ditching the pregnancy granny panties and combing my hair. One step at a time.

I just made this seriously easy scarf today. Quinn likes it. It may also be just enough trendy flannel so that I don’t end up looking like a lumberjack this Fall.
Get the full DIY here

What do you do to not look like you just rolled out of bed? No, really, help me.


DIY Cameo Silhouettes Three Ways

Cameos are such a cute way to personalize a nursery.  Jacinda even created a Halloween decoration with her DIY Cameo Plaque.  Since we shared a picture of Stevee’s nursery a few weeks ago we’ve had so many requests asking how to make your own, so we are obliging.  Three ways to get or make silhouettes after the jump…



DIY Stadium Seating for the Pantry

Stadium Seating for Pantry
We have this amazing trick for organizing a pantry.

Have 2×4’s cut to the width of your shelf (I’ve found they will do this for you for free at Home Depot, especially if you have a cute baby with you)

Paint them (I was happy I did this, It was a pain at the time but it looks much more finished) I just used white spray paint.

Stack them in there. We used 6 to create 4 levels. 3 in the back, then 2, then 1

This is awesome if you have lots of little jars like baby food and spices. It’s also great if you have thousands of canned goods like us. You never know when you will need 4 cans of coconut milk.


Savory Stuffed Pumpkin

This is the easiest and yummiest thing in the world to make and it looks so wintry-stunning and smells so good!  For Thanksgiving I think I’ll make three – one with a vegetarian version of turkey stuffing, one packed with savory bacon and sausage, and one with a sweet cinnamony flavor – all lined up in a row on a platter.  This is a picture heavy post because it’s just such a pretty meal. So check what you have in the fridge and start imagining what you want to throw in there; I can’t wait to get home and bake up another one!

Get the full Savory Stuffed Pumpkin Recipe after the jump…