DIY Stadium Seating for the Pantry

Stadium Seating for Pantry
We have this amazing trick for organizing a pantry.

Have 2×4’s cut to the width of your shelf (I’ve found they will do this for you for free at Home Depot, especially if you have a cute baby with you)

Paint them (I was happy I did this, It was a pain at the time but it looks much more finished) I just used white spray paint.

Stack them in there. We used 6 to create 4 levels. 3 in the back, then 2, then 1

This is awesome if you have lots of little jars like baby food and spices. It’s also great if you have thousands of canned goods like us. You never know when you will need 4 cans of coconut milk.


Savory Stuffed Pumpkin

This is the easiest and yummiest thing in the world to make and it looks so wintry-stunning and smells so good!  For Thanksgiving I think I’ll make three – one with a vegetarian version of turkey stuffing, one packed with savory bacon and sausage, and one with a sweet cinnamony flavor – all lined up in a row on a platter.  This is a picture heavy post because it’s just such a pretty meal. So check what you have in the fridge and start imagining what you want to throw in there; I can’t wait to get home and bake up another one!

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Crochet Wreath

I bought some yarn in the colors of Clare’s curtains to make her a pennant garland but when I saw this wreath, I was inspired. I think this would make a pretty gift to celebrate a new baby. Decorate it with a little embroidered “It’s a…” sign, or the baby’s name or a crocheted flower or even some little glittery birds in a nest. This one however, was the perfect home for Clare’s little owl friend.

This was fun and a very easy beginner Crochet project. Check out the DIY after the jump.



DIY Simple (but fancy!) Iced Ginger Spice Cookies

To Finish off Freaky Friday, I have some EASY EASY iced cookies. But kinda fancy, no?
Ill add some DIY info a little later. For now, gather your ingredients and get that dough chilling in the fridge. Ya know, if you want to. I am off to host a little Friday Mommy Happy Hour!

Phew! That was a long Happy Hour! : ) Find the DIY after the jump…


DIY Bat-Mobile

bat mobile halloween decor
My crafty sister-in-law came by the house last week with a super-cool bat mobile that she had made from a Paper Source Kit. (they no longer have it on the site, maybe in stores? Maybe on sale?) Alas, the bat-mobile was for her bat-loving mom, not me, but what a cool idea! So here is my version of a bat mobile.

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DIY Baby ZOMBIE Costume

The hubz and I love a good Zombie movie, and with Scarlet being 18 months old we figure this is the last Halloween before we get inundated with princess and fairy costume requests.  So it’s a family of Zombies for us.  I’m sorry but I can’t bring myself to do a big reveal in full makeup until actual Halloween so for now you get to see it in progress.

A true zombie becomes undead in regular old clothes which then deteriorate as the former human lies sprawled in the dirt, their brains becoming mush. Then the Zombie’s clothes become further distressed as they hunt the living for delicious brains to eat, spilling blood and brain matter willy-nilly.  So the easiest and most authentic way to do a zombie costume is to take some clothing from your kids closet and just tear it, rip it, roll it in dirt, and pour fake blood on it.  But I like to sew so I went for a custom zombie dress.  The great thing about a Zombie costume is that the quality of your sewing truly does not matter.  The more mistakes, hanging threads and bunched seams the better!

All you need is a yard of zombie-esque fabric and a dress from your child’s closet to gauge fit from, and I used some elastic thread, but that’s definitely not required.
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