Pretty Prudent Home is a Runaway Hit!


You guys!!! We are so overwhelmed over the outpouring of love and support over our new book Pretty Prudent Home. We both love it and thought you might too, but this is all too much! To see the future queen of England holding our little DIY decor book… we can’t describe it. It’s UNREAL! But honestly nothing can compare to our favorite momma, Gwenyth, caught here picking up a copy at her local book store. She later sent Jaime a message… I’m obsessed with your book. I can’t stop reading it. I just made pancakes while eating breakfast and watching my friend’s baby, but I read your book the entire time. At one point Atticus had a lighter in each hand and was just about to stir the pancake mix when I looked up from your book. It’s amazing! I love it so much. Thank you for writing it. Pls share with jacinda, I don’t have her number.

And that’s not all. OMG! This is the best!! Do you think MICH-OB might make some new throw pillows for the oval office? We hope so! Let us know how it goes lady! Or should we say FIRST lady!?!


Are you kidding me???

Nope. But we are kidding you. : ) As if Gwenyth would eat pancakes.

Happy April Fool’s Day! Love, Jaime, and Jacinda, and Ryan.ryan-gosling-reading-pretty-prudent





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