Pretty Prudent Trend: Peru

Pretty Prudent Trend: Peru
About two years ago I took a trip to Peru for a month to teach English at an orphanage in Cusco. I stayed with a woman and her family in the city center during the weekdays, and ventured out to the countryside on the weekends.

Pretty Prudent Trend: Peru
Throughout the month I had the opportunity to explore the colorful streets of Urubamba, meet the Uru people living on the floating islands of Lago Titicaca, and cross visit Machu Picchu off my bucket list.

Pretty Prudent Trend: Peru
There is really no way to visit Peru and not feel even an inkling of inspiration from the rich colors and intricate Andean designs. With decor trends veering towards minimal with accents of color and texture, it seems like the perfect time to incorporate a touch of Peruvian culture into the home.

Pretty Prudent Trend: Peru Pretty Prudent Trend: Peru

See more of our favorite picks for the Peruvian-inspired trend after the jump…

Pretty Prudent Trend: Peru

Peru favorites from the collage above…

1) The Peruvian Jungle Quilt is a handmade piece that shows off the traditional patterns of Amazonian tribes.

2) Scandinavian and Peruvian design come together in the beautiful Yucay Chair.

3) Peru is known for its stunning rugs, this pink Peruvian Rug from A Rum Fellow is a sure way to bring life back into a room.

4) Cover the couch in Peruvian Wool Pillows from Someware Goods.

3) You will often see decorated gourds in the local shops around Cusco. This Gourd Table Lamp from Lamps Plus is a beautiful statement piece that provides the perfect pop of color.

4) As you can see from the globetrotting living room featured on Apartment Therapy, a simple throw can add dimension to a room with color, textures, and patterns.

Pretty Prudent Trend: Peru

Inspired by the land…
Pretty Prudent Trend: Peru

1) The Embroidered Ranunculus Tunic from Anthropologie looks very similar to the beautiful Peruvian hand embroidered tapestries.

2) Incorporate stones into your decor, like those from Machu Picchu and Saqsaywaman, with this stone bowl from Restoration Hardware.

3) Keep warm under an Alpaca Throw from Asher Market.

Pretty Prudent Trend: Peru Pretty Prudent Trend: Peru

Inspired by the people…
Pretty Prudent Trend: Peru

1) Paint the house or look for fabrics that mimic the Colors of Peru (Photo via Afar).

2) Cheers to Peru with the traditional Pisco Sour. Recipe from The Framed Table.

3) Enjoy a dinner with friends on a set of Peruvian Swirl Plates from Food 52.

Pretty Prudent Trend: Peru Pretty Prudent Trend: Peru Pretty Prudent Trend: Peru

Inspired by a Peruvian sunset…
Pretty Prudent Trend: Peru

1) Make a Sunburst Mirror from Lamps Plus the focal point of a room.

2) Welcome visitors with a rustic door mat from Someware, made from fique fibers that grow in South America.

3) Complete your look with a Peruvian Pyrite Necklace with Vintage Brass Tubes from Mineralogy.

Pretty Prudent Trend: Peru




My husband and I were in Peru in ’12; we hiked the Inca Trail, visited Machu Picchu, and spent time in Cusco – it was probably one of the most awesome trips I have ever taken! I studied weaving at school, and one of the classes I took was specifically on the Pre-Colombian weaving and embroidery that the Incan’s people did, so for me is was a sort of pilgrimage! I bought lots of textiles, and took so many photos to inspire me! Thanks for stirring up such great memories with your post!


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