Quilted Paper, Quilted Walls and Quilted Totes: Friday I’m in Love

Pinterest, of course, lead me to this stunning paper quilt that Michelle Freedman from Design Camp made with a group of students. I love the description of how they were instructed to make their square. The finished piece, which was auctioned off as a fundraiser, is gorgeous.heartmural

Washi Tape and Construction Paper Heart Mural from Kristen Grove for The Honest Company. Digging how this doesn’t have to be perfect to look amazing. I know Clare would love to do this at home! It reminds me of a quilt.

CUTE SEWING MACHINEI’m thinking my beloved sewing machine might need a cute friend. Which of the 10 Cutest Sewing Machines on the Market would you pick to take home?

diaper wars

Can you guess what this is? Yup, it’s a cloth diaper, obviously, and one of the amazing entries on Diaper Wars, the Facebook page where cloth diaper artists battle it out with their themed creations for cash prizes and bragging rights. This is no popularity contest, the winners are chosen by a panel of judges. If you have a St Patrick’s Day or Easter diaper in the works, enter your creations by February 10th.


Last week I met up with a bunch of Dallas bloggers as guests of Cabot Creamery. We had a wonderful time doing hands-on cooking lessons with the chefs at Central Market, learning some quick family snack recipes featuring Cabot’s 50% and 75% light cheddar cheese. These Light Mac & Cheese Cups were my favorite. I can’t wait to make them at home with the kids.

cindab tennis tote

Have I told you that I’m tennis obsessed? I’m tennis obsessed. Also, I am green obsessed. This preppy quilted Tennis Tote from Cinda B (like Jacinda B, I know, but it’s not) has me drooling. Also it looks like it would be really difficult to sew at home so I feel ok about coveting it. You will be mine pretty green tennis tote.

And that’s about it. I’m not in Puerto Rico like my husband (not bitter) and I’m not on a fabulous girls weekend in Nashville with a Supermodel (because my husband is in Puerto Rico. Ok, I’m a little bitter.) I’m just hanging out here in Texas, locating cleats, filling waterbottles, chasing a wily toddler in a Rangers hat and trying not to show plumber’s crack while doing so. Ha, did you make it this far in my rambling to hear me admit to plumber’s crack? I feel so much closer to you now. Happy Weekend BFF’s!



Regan @ Cabot Creamery

Yes, I made it far enough to learn of the plumber’s crack… and as a mother who’s constantly bending over picking up Legos, knights, dragons & ninjas, I can, of course, relate đŸ™‚

Love the tennis bag. But I don’t play tennis. Can I covet it as a gym bag instead?

So great meeting you last week!


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