Scarlet’s Back-to-School Fashion Picks

Back to School Style from GapKids | Pretty Prudent

A few weeks ago I shared some of our super-soft back to school finds from GapKids. Well, this time I took Scarlet into the store and let her curate her own outfit. I mean, she’s entering first grade so she is very grown up and can pick her own clothes thankyouverymuchmommy. My kid is pretty cute, no? I think so. She even insisted we bring this peacock chair into our photo shoot. A child after my own trend-loving heart.

Her favorite outfit is this one, which includes the stripe drawstring dress and floral puffer vest (I can’t tell you how many tiny rubber bands, leaves, and pennies are in each of those pockets right now), and my absolute favorite – that hat! It’s the wide brim fedora and I want to steal it from her, but my head is too large.
Back to School Style from GapKids | Pretty Prudent

We are loving the floral puffer vest over pretty much everything. In this case, a super cozy crop sweatshirt in a fun boxy shape, and these amazing quilted track pants that I don’t think she has taken off in three days, topped off with a pink glitter bow headband, of course. She’s wearing boots similar to these, and I love the boots-and-sweats look. I mean, if you could pull it off, you know you would rock it daily, right?
Back to School Style from GapKids | Pretty Prudent

These pieces are all fun to remix-and-match. We also snagged some adorable printed leggings (not pictured) and she wears them as pants, or under her dress. And her favorite item of all is a skirt that she left at camp and I now have to decide whether to purchase a new one or teach a lesson about not losing your stuff. I will probably go with the latter, but I’m sad because that skirt was ca-ute.
Back to School Style from GapKids | Pretty Prudent
Do you think Scarlet could be a GapKids model? Perhaps I am biased, but I do. If you think your own kid belongs in a GapKids store window, you need to enter the GapKids Class of 2014 contest! Find out how after the jump…

Visit for all the details on how to enter your child to be a GapKids model. I can’t wait to see their prudent little faces in my local GapKids store window!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by GapKids through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about GapKids, all opinions are my own.


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I am imagining a squeaky little three year old voice saying, “Mommy, I don’t want a doll restricted by gender norms.” Nope, it is not happening.capri leggings


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