The Hat is Back

Carleton and I had the awesome opportunity to live like the 1% for a day when we were invited to join some friends on a private flight in a tiny plane over the pacific coast. I was totally terrified, but it ended up being a blast, despite that hat (remember that hat I asked you about? He didn’t listen. Hrmph.). Come up in the air with us for a couple minutes. It’s really cool, I’m totally nerding out on tiny planes and fantasizing about getting a pilot’s license. Do any of you fly?




Love the video!! Hubby and I are from California, now live in HOT Dallas TX!! Santa Barbara is gorg!!! Question: Who is the artist that is singing that song in your video? Thanks!! 🙂


Entertained as always…thank you for that! Reading your posts for months and now watching your vlogs has inspired me to give blogging a try…I hope to have just as much fun as you seem to be having…so far so good! 😀


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