Waterproof Makeup to Wear All Year

Whether you’re jumping into a pool, melting in the summer heat, or getting caught in a winter rainstorm, these waterproof makeup products have got you covered. Jennie from The Beauty Pin is back with a little makeup 101. You may remember her gorgeous Day and Night Makeup Looks post from a few weeks ago. Have you tried any of the looks yet? In this post she has broken down each waterproof product and will show you the order in which to apply them. This makeup is subtle and enhances your natural beauty, which makes it great to wear pretty much any day.

Along with keeping up on makeup trends, Jennie also has a sharp eye for home decor and fashion accessory trends popping up this season. Check out her inspiration for going with a Black and White look or Bright and Bold look in the home. Did you know that bugs are trending in fashion? She can tell you all about it.

Get the full scoop on all the waterproof makeup products and how to apply them after the jump…

Waterproof Makeup to Wear All Year

What I love about these products is they are great for the summer! No need to worry about your face melting or looking over done at the beach or out for a stroll on the town, with this Waterproof Make-up List!

There products are in are the order in the way they should be placed on your skin.

Clarins UV Plus HP is not your traditional tinted moisturizer. This is a 3 in 1 product. It protects your skin against free radicals, environmental pollution and the sun. It is very sheer and lightweight. A perfect product for the beach yet enough coverage to wear out on the town. This is my favorite product for my skin this summer ! Great for sensitive skin which is a must for me and SPF 40 {let this dry a bit before you move onto the next product say about 3 min}

Too Faced Aqua Bunny I am a HUGE fan of this product. I do talk about it all the time because it is so amazing! It can be wore alone or with The Clarins UV Plus Hp {after the Clarins of course}. This product is a cream to powder bronzer . It is waterproof, has a seamless finish and build-able coverage. The more you apply the tanner you will be! You can read a bit more about Aqua Bunny on a previous post here.

Benefit Cosmetics High Beam is a liquid pink pearlescent highlighter. This product is great for many reasons!
1. the bottle is user friendly- similar to a nail polish bottle in that you paint on the highlighter where you want to accent your face. 2. it dries down and stays in place 3. it creates a nice luminosity to the skin making it appear healthy and dewy. A soft natural finish perfect for a causal day at the beach

Tarte Cosmetics Cheek Stain If you want to look flushed without looking like you have any makeup on this is your go to blush. It comes is so many different colors. The applicator is similar to push up pop popcicle you loved as a kid! It is a gel like consistency with buildable color pay off. Very very natural looking. Smile and place this on the apple of your cheeks! {cheese}

MAKEUP FOREVER Aqua Cream is a cream to powder eyeshadow that can be used alone or as a shadow base. This product is great because it is waterproof, it will not crease , it will last all day and it will help other shadows adhere better to your lid increasing the longevity of your shadow and intensifying the pigment of the shadow.

L’Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Waterproof Mascara is the best waterproof mascara! Have no fear this will not be running down your face when you get out of the water. It plumps your lashes making them fuller and longer. You can even put this mascara on the bottom lashes without it smudging below leaving you with raccoon eyes!

Stila Cosmetics Coconut Crush Lip and Cheek Stain This product is truly natural looking on every skin color. It reacts to the pH level in your skin creating the perfect custom color on each person. I love to slightly over draw my top lip with this creating the illusion of a fuller upper lip. It is very subtle but believable because it is your custom color.

Urban Decay All Nighter will set your pretty look all day!



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