White Trash BBQ

So you read all the magazines and websites and, ahem, blogs, with their “easy entertaining” tips and it’s always like, decorating sugar cookies until four in the morning or making marshmallows from scratch. And you’re all “groan, thanks ladies, sounds like a breeze, I’ll get right on that…” Yes, even this Prudent Mama likes to sometimes have a work-free party. So let me just let you in on a little secret: the redneck theme.

It’s potluck, it’s hilarious, everyone obeys rule #4, and if you’re lucky someone brings over a beer pong table, hello, thank you Erin.  The best part is, the less you do and the cheaper it is, the more on theme you are!  I supplied a giant bag of hot dogs, buns, a giant bag of mini hot dogs sauteed in bbq sauce, some cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon and Miller High Life, and a box of chablis.  The rest was up to the guests (though if you can possibly put an indoor couch outside, that would be a nice touch).

Some of the amazing things brought to the BBQ: fried pork skins, pink andre champagne, bartles & james wine coolers, mcdonald’s cheeseburgers cut into quarters and served as hors d’oeuvres, several bottles of white zinfandel, a spray bottle of vodka to accompany watermelon, spray cheese, one of everything on the Popeye’s menu, vodka jello shots, sandwiches made with peanut butter and bacon.  Other highlights from past WT BBQs include spam casserole, strawberry-twinkie surprise, and Jacinda once brought a molded jello coleslaw with actual coleslaw in the center.

My favorite costume touch was Sherri’s scrunchies and make-up hickeys, though Malice always delivers in the costume department.  But nothing will ever beat the costume Jacinda rocked at the April 3rd, 2005 White Trash BBQ…

ohmygod, she’s going to KILL ME for posting that!! I apologize Jacinda (no i don’t).  And on that note, I also apologize if this party theme offends anyone, and promise it’s all in good fun and that I enjoy like 95% of these things every day and am quite possibly the trashiest person you know. I would totally share embarrassing pictures of me but you know how it is, mom is always the one taking the pictures and never actually in any of them.  And also it’s way more fun to share embarrassing pictures of Jacinda.




this is awesome. if my hubby had his way, every evening we host would mimic this.

… and now i'm craving a peanut butter and bacon sandwich…


Ah white trash love… Last time the hubs bought Blue Ribbon…he cut out part of the can and glued it to the underside of his motorcycle speedometer. Now THAT'S pretty white trash!


I am glowing with sheer joy from this idea! Reminds me so much of my childhood. Now all you need is the drunken uncle who thinks he's Billy Ray Cyrus.

The Lyons'

oh my gosh. This is hilarious. My in laws family reunion was a redneck theme a couple of years ago. The sad part was that it wasn't all that far from the way they really are! LOL!

Beth @ Sand To Pearl

Sound like SO much fun! Also reminds me of our family reunions growing up. We'd stay and play with our cousins till Papa got so drunk he'd ride around on great grandma's scooter and hit people with a cane as he rode by. Hehehe. Good times.


Thanks for the good chuckle. I love this party. My friends and family would really get into this theme, it would be a hoot to have one of these parties.


Carleton's tank top is fantastic.

Looking back, my outfit looks a bit more Jersey Shore than White trash but it's still ridiculously funny. I wish y'all could see the sparkles in those high-waisted jeans.

I've also found that the more white trash you are in real life, the more outrageous this party becomes. Went to one here in Texas and the decor was spot on! Tighty-whities on a clothes line in the front yard. Nascar posters. Jerry Springer on TV. The deer head on the wall? Not a party decoration, yup, always there.

Um, I totally want that plate of Cheese Burgers and Fries.


I have been loving your site for afar for a while now, but couldn't resist commenting on this! I couldn't love this anymore and I am stealing all of these ideas for our next party. Great ideas in the comments too!


Wow. Genius. Can't wait to host one of these. We'll smoke some meat though or a Bacon Explosion- only because my husband made a smoker out of a couple of kegs and I don't think there is anything more white trash than that. Would that be wrong for our 3 year old's birthday party over Labor Day weekend?


really bummed i missed this, again .. next year i'll supply the black eyed peas and ham hocks! jacinda nice 'costume'!!


Looks like a lot of fun. I especially like the vodka spray bottle and the McDonald's appetizer platter.


I applaud you. If only the burgers were White Castle, it would have been even better! I hope someone eventually rode a keg in that blow-up pool!


Oh that's just too awesome. And what's really sad is Jacinda's outfit can be seen now on just about any street in any city. Did she have any idea back in 2005 that she was a fortune teller of apparel? LOL

I just told my hubby we need to do this and maybe we could even send invitations out made from paper plates.


Let's just say I live in an area where a lot of this goes on. Daily. Mostly I complain about it but making a party of it is a great idea!


this party is worth throwing if for no other reason than an excuse to play beer-pong as an adult.

and Jacinda, you look awesome. You should do a DIY for bedazzling crap.

Sara Delia

I think I speak for most Nashvillians when I say that this style of get together is our modus operandi. I pledge allegiance to the country music industry that pays my bills, to potlucks, patios, and porches, with BBQ and cheap beer for all. Repeat weekly for the rest of our lives. Amen.


Too fun! My hubby and I had a "white trash" date when we were first dating. We went to monster truck rally where we tally-ed up the number of poision shirts vs mullets, followed by a drive in movie where we watched from lawn chairs in the bed of a pick up truck and split a bucket of KFC. It was the best date I have ever been on – I would have married him right then if we there would have been an Elvis impersonating clergy around ๐Ÿ™‚


We had a yearly party in college called "White Trash Prom" – the upper classmen were auctioned off to the lower classmen. We took them on dates to Sonic or Taco Bell, went cruising, and then went to the prom. I was voted prom princess my junior year. I was so proud.
You BBQ looks like fun!

Not Just A Mommy!

Hee! We had a Trailer Park Potluck Pride for my friend's birthday. We called it that since she lived in a trailer park and was proud of it, and to be PC (I didn't care, but hubby said I should, since we are black and didn't want our friends to be offended but never tell us!)

But she refused to do it at her house, so we did it at ours. Which I so wanted to, because she had a washer in her front yard, and I had visions of filling it with ice and cheap beer!

I would love to share it with my readers!


I haven't been to a white trash party for a few years… they are so fun ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the watermelon w/ vodka spray bottle!


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