Easy Cucumber Roll Up Recipe: An Everything But the Bagel Seasoning Recipe

Cucumber Roll Up Recipe- An Everything But the Bagel Seasoning Recipe 8

An easy cucumber roll up recipe with “Everything But the Bagel” seasoning that looks like a platter of colorful roses.



4 cucumbers

1 bunch radishes

8 oz cream cheese (whipped)

Everything but the Bagel seasoning (to taste)


1. Use a mandolin or vegetable peeler to very thinly slice the radishes

2. Use a veggie peeler to thinly slice the cucumber into long strips. I usually toss the first 2-3 slices. When you get down to the seeds, flip the cucumber over and slice the other side. Don’t bother using the center of the cucumber that is very moist and seedy.

3. Salt the cucumbers slices by sprinkling with a few pinches of salt, tossing, and setting them in a strainer over a bowl or the sink. Let the cucumbers sit for 30 minutes to one hour. This will remove a large part of the moisture and ensure the cucumbers are crunchy and not soggy. Don’t skip this step or your whole dish will become a puddle.

4. Rinse the cucumber slices and pat dry. Smear a bit of cream cheese across a cucumber slice. Arrange three to four radish slices along the cucumber, with the tops of the radishes peeking over the edge of the cucumber. Roll from left to right. Make sure there is a little dab of cream cheese on the end of the slice, which will make sure it doesn’t unroll.

5. Arrange on your serving dish. Sprinkle with a generous amount of Everything but the Bagel seasoning. Serve cold. Pop one into your mouth. Keeping popping till they’re all gone!