Asian Quick Pickled Carrots Recipe

Asian Quick Pickled Carrots Recipe

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A recipe for tangy quick pickled carrots with asian flavor. Use these pickled carrots as a topping on quinoa bowls, rice paper wraps, korean tacos, or mix with herbs and nuts for a stand out side dish.



8 Carrots – peeled, then can be grated, julienned, or sliced into ribbons with a vegetable peeler. If you buy pre-grated carrots, you just saved yourself 10 minutes

1/2 cup rice vinegar

1/4 cup sugar

2 tbls sesame oil

1 tsp salt


Place carrots in a small bowl or large mason jar.

Whisk all other ingredients together.

Pour over carrots. Mix to coat.

Soak for at least an hour, up to a week. They get more delicious the longer they sit. Store in refrigerator.


I’ve made this with thinly chopped carrots, ribboned carrots, and grated carrots. All were great. I made this recipe with carrot chips – not as great. Up to you!