DIY Changing Pad Cover Tutorial

 So changing pad covers get filthy, that doesn’t mean they can’t be cute.  Just put the adorable fabric up where the baby’s head goes.

The great thing about this changing pad cover how-to is there is no top stitching, so if you aren’t great at sewing, no one will see your crooked stitches.  It’s simple, I promise.  Get the full tutorial after the jump.
And thanks for the post OhDeeDoh!

How To Sew a Changing Pad Cover

This changing pad cover fits a standard changing pad (32″L X 16″W X 3-4″H)

1.  Wash, iron and cut your fabric.  I used a pink cotton (though you might prefer a minkee or fleece) and Alexander Henry Bird Seed in pink (get it here).
My cover uses two different fabrics, but if you want to make a changing pad cover out of all one fabric, then just cut one piece 48″X32″.
If you want to use two fabrics like me, you’ll need two pieces:
Accent Fabric: 17.5″ X 32″
Main Fabric: 30.5″ X 32″
2.  Lay your fabrics together along the 32″ sides with right sides facing and sew, then trim your seam with pinking shears:
3. Now you have one big piece.  Fold it in half lengthwise:
then again widthwise:
Now draw an 8″ square at the outside corner (the one with no folds) like so:
Cut that baby out:
Now you have an item that looks like this:
4.  Now bring the two sides of a square together, right sides facing:
and sew them together. repeat on all four corners.  when you’re done your changing pad cover will look something like this:
5.  Now on the inside edge that’s raw, fold it over 1/2″ or so and iron, all the way around.  Then fold it another inch, iron and pin in place.  You are creating a tube for your elastic.  Try to iron and pin the seam between the two fabrics open:
do this all the way around the inside edge of your changing pad cover:
6.  Starting next to a corner, sew it in place at the edge of the seam, leaving a hole at the corner to feed your elastic through, backstitching at beginning and end:
7.  Cut a 36″ piece of elastic, 5/8″ thickness or smaller (i used 3/8″):
Attach a safety pin to one side and attach the other side to the changing pad cover with a pin and feed the elastic through the tube:
When you pull it out, sew the two sides together with a stretch stitch or with a straight stitch shaped like a box with an X in the middle:
And then sew the hole closed:
You’re done!  It should look like this from the bottom:
And like this from the top:




Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I’ve been looking for a black minky fabric changing pad cover & the only ones I can find are terribly expensive. Thanks to you, I was able to make 2 changing pad covers exactly the color I wanted for less than $20.00. Your tutorial is amazingly easy to follow as I’m not an experienced sewer. I can’t say Thank You enough!


Great tutorial! I made two of these today for my baby’s nursery. THANKS!


I am coinfused by the step where you meet the squares and sew all four corners? what is the end point? Do you see i close and turn right outside out? Is it the big sqaure in the middle or the end circles? Sorry but I am confused!


Hi! I’m using this tutorial to make a changing pad cover but I was wondering if I should just order a yard for the accent fabric? Im new to sewing so I have no idea how much fabric I should order!

Thanks in advance!


I am coinfused by the step where you meet the squares and sew all four corners? the longer sides or the shorter sides?


Lovely and simple!
I wonder; could I get away with 46in instead of 48 (then just cut in 7×7)? I have an oversized pillow case that after it’s all unseemed only gives me 46. I could do the 2 tone, but I was just hoping to use what I had around the house. I looked at my pad, I really think it would still wrap all the way under after the elastic (it wraps under now). What do you think?


I just whipped one of these up in a solid green minky fabric. Thank you so much for the post. I am a novice seamstress and this was super simple to follow. 🙂


Thank you! This was an awesome tutorial and made the project very easy! I’m a first time seamstress and had no problems!! Thanks again!!


Wow, I just cranked out two of these in about an hour(and that included chatting on the phone with my sister!). These are SUPER easy to make on my serger! Thanks for the great tutorial!


I made a couple of these according to the tutorial, but recently tried a little variation to get the whole cover out of a super-cute fabric, using less than a yard: I used the full width of fabric as my long dimension, then figured out how big to cut the squares for the corners.

My fabric was 43″ wide, so I cut it to 43″x27″, then cut 5 1/2″ squares for the corners. Using as small a seam allowance as I could, I sewed the corners with French seams. I sewed fold over elastic on the edge, all the way around, stretching as I sewed.

So easy, and it used just 3/4 yard of fabric!!


Thank you so much for a great tutorial. If you have a minute, and know the answer ;), could you help me out please?! I have a different size piece of foam for a changing pad and I’d like to make a cover. I’m having a hard time deciphering how you made dimensions of fabric from the dimensions of your pad. Do you have a formula to offer? (I think you may have taken the L of the pad (32″) and halved it (16″) then added that to the L = 48″. Then did you double the W? My pad is quite a bit thicker than the standard. I can figure out how to do the different prints well enough, just the method to the madness would help get me going!!! Thanks again.


wonderful points altogether, you just won a new reader.

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Any sure?


When sewing the corners of the change pad cover what size seam allownace should I be using?
Your tutorial is so easy to follow, kudos to you.


So easy! My changing pad just ripped right down the middle. I’ve been looking at covers and new pads… they are too expensive. I found this tutorial on Pinterest amd decided to try it. I used a bath towel and it worked out great!


Hi will this tutorial work the same for a contour change mat? Or one that isnt?

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I just finished making this. Easy tutorial and turned out great! However my edges caved in when I used 36″ elastic so I added to it or a total of 46″ and it fit’s wonderfully. Thank you so much for posting this!


I am a seamstress by no means, and it made this today. Completing a project from start to finish in one afternoon is quite an accomplishment for me! Thanks for the tutorial, it was so easy to follow. I will probably make a few more!

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Deb Hart

Hi, I’ve been asked to sew a “pillow cover style” cover for a baby changing mat, probably because they know I’m not an experienced sewer. But when I look at your tutorial, this is really the style cover I think they will be happy with, and it looks like something I will be able to sew.
But I have a couple of “newbie” questions that I’m hoping you will be kind (and patient!) enough to answer:
(1) When you say cut a 32″ x 48″ piece of fabric, do you really mean it, or do you mean cut a 32 1/2″ x 48 1/2″ piece of fabric (your measurements plus the 1/4″ seam allowances)?
(2) What size should the piece be if the mat I’m covering measures 33″ x 17 1/2″ x 1″?
I thought I’d experiment with elastic size, starting with the longest length least I think I might need, say 60″??
Thanks in advance!

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Hi how much fabric of each would be needed? A full yard or will half a yard of each work?


Thanks for the great tutorial! Mine came together in about 20 minutes. So simple. I didn’t have elastic on hand so I skipped the tubing part, and just corner sewed the four corners on the bottom. A little tricky to get the cover on (I had to bend the changing pad into a curve), but once in place it fit perfectly. Love this so much for baby girl’s nursery <3 Thanks again!


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