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I’m seeing them all there Barb. Did you ever have any luck? Sorry, just seeing this message.


how do you put the cuffs on like in the pic of the pink one?January 18, 2011

Granny Square Poncho

Ann Baughman

I would like to make the very cute Muu Muu dress but don’t find any instructions for the amount of elastic that is used and also for the strips across the front of the dress. Also what is the size?


Hi Ann-I just found your comment here. See step 12 for the elastic, approx 22″ total. The dress fits most kids 3-6 years old. It’s a forgiving pattern.

Dale Barefoot

I used your instructions a few years ago to make the jersey, and now I need to make another one and do not have the instructions. I only have 2 weeks. Will you please send them to me.? Thanks and God Bless. Dale Barefoot

Bunny McBee

I cannot find the template for the turtle. I sew and knit things for the pediatric oncology unit at the children’s hosp. in my area. I know they would love this little turtle. Can you help?

Elizabeth Lugin

I found your French Toast in a Mug .. microwave style… I’m sure it’s delicious but more than that I gotta tell you Jaime and Jacinda your deeelightfullll way of delivering this recipe put me into a trance. Any time I find the recipe for some terrific dish it turns out to read like an assignment. You wrote this so absolutely conversationally sweet. So grateful I could find no way to let you know… and I find it’s from three years ago… hoping to convey my Love for what and who you and this prettyprudent thing is … (rambling here)

Sandy Jimerson

I am trying to get your recipe for pickled cherry tomatoes. The article comes up but no recipe. It has been left out. The second paragraph ends with “jump” then proceeds to boiling something


Which modpodge could I use on the wool yarns that come out as fine small hair like structures from the weave pattern and thereby preventing it from shedding.Please reply as soon as possiblee


We just got a pool and I am super excited to decorate and make the our deck look great. We have an existing upper deck and now a new lower deck that goes around the pool. I am trying to save money as much as I can and I love the idea of using pallets. I would like help(tutorial or plans) on how to build an outdoor sectional for the upper deck and a “bed” for laying out on wheels for the lower.
Of you know of any way to help I would appreciate it!


We have a tutorial for a pallet daybed (use the search box to find), but I think Ana White might have a pallet sectional plan. try her site!

Max ghaffari

I definitely think you were paid by Aleene’s company to advertise their brand as you show this on your page Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue, $1.72 and when I hit the above to buy it at that price it shows it cost $ 5.72 .

Pat Addison

I can only print the first page of the Snappy toddler top. I’d love to have all the sizes printed. Even my husband can’t figure it out. Any advice would be appreciated.

Fanny Daigneault

Hi, the link for the jersey dress pattern dosen’t work! 🙁 i really would like to try to sew this model! Thank’s!!

Judith Hape

I was wondering if you have a booklet on cheater quilts. I have been buying mind in Montgomery, In for several years. If you have a book or know anywhere close to Evansville Ind. to buy them please let me know.

Dorra Rine


I work for the french magazine Nature et Jardin, maison d’édition Adventiss. We dedicate 2 pages on each issue for creative creations, DIY… I would like if you allow me to use your visuals (this will of course be specified below each photo).

I remain at your disposal for further information.
Thank you in advance.

Diane Nepean


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