Giveaway: Hello, Cupcake!

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for entering!!
Hello, Cupcake! has been around for a few years but it is SO GOOD that we just had to do a giveaway. In fact, it’s SO GOOD that there is going to be a follow-up to Hello, Cupcake! called What’s New, Cupcake? which is due out on April 1st, and is available for pre-order.

Although I am addicted to collecting cake decorating supplies, what I love about this book is exactly what they say about it on their website…

“We don’t believe in hard-to-follow techniques or hard-to-find ingredients for cupcake decorating. That’s why our cupcake designs use candy and snacks available at your favorite convenience store or even the gas station. So go bake a batch of cupcakes, grab a handful of your favorite candies, and let’s get this cupcake party started.”

And all that money saved on decorating supplies might leave a little cash lying around for a few of these beauties. But I digress.

Please leave a comment letting us know your fondest cake (or cupcake) memory to enter. Ok, and get this, since we already have the book, we are going to splurge on shipping and open this bad boy up WORLDWIDE! YEAH, PRUDENT BABY INTERNATIONAL! WOOT!

A winner will be selected at random on Saturday, January 30th.

Photos are from the Hello, Cupcake! website




my fondest cake memory was decorating an umbrella shaped cake with my little brother, 2 little sisters, and my daughter 🙂


My fondest cake memory is of getting a whole cake to myself, and not being made to eat the cake. I gorged myself on frosting. So good.


My birthday is 11 days before Christmas and the day before my mother's but my dad ALWAYS insisted on two cakes. One for me and one for mom! I always thought that was cool!

As an adult, my favorite cake memory is a two way tie between making my daughter's Blues Clues cake when she was three and my youngest son's Spongebob cake when he was two. Both were from cake mixes but the decorations were all scratch. No special pans or anything like that. It was so much fun & the looks on their faces made all the time and effort worth it!

Aho, Gabs, Waiola, and Kupa'a

My favorite cake memory is probably when I was about 3 years old. My brother was turning 5, and my brave mom decided that she would let us, along with our two best friends who lived down the street, make and decorate his birthday cake. Our kitchen was literally covered in flour, sugar, and cake icing. We, of course, were covered in it as well. But we thought it was the best cake in the world. And we still look back at those pictures and laugh at our creative mess.

Emily Lee

For my second birthday my mom made me the most amazing Cookie Monster cake. She used a mold, but each star-tip blue fur frond was all handmade, baby.

Bonus: A family friend made me a cookie monster cookie jar, which still sits proudly in my kitchen.

Double Bonus: All that blue food coloring caused some serious intestinal weirdness for all parties involved. Ahh, lasting memories!

Jen Jenny anything but Jennifer

While my grandmother was still alive and living near me, she always made me a lemon cake with lemon frosting for my birthday. My mom took over the tradition when she moved away. My sophomore year in college was the first year my mom wouldn't be able to deliver me my lemon lemon cake so she called my roommate who surprised me with one. It was the best surprise!


When I was in high school, my mom found a recipe for Kentucky Butter cake in the Betty Crocker cookbook. Everyone loved it so much that each member of the family had it for their birthday cake that year. I was the only one who continued to request it. When I went away to college out of state (my first birthday without my family) my parents surprised me by overnighting the cake to my dorm. Needless to say, it was a great surprise and I was very popular with my dormmates!


My favorite cake memory is my 14 (?) birthday. My mother threw me a surprise party, but I surprised them by getting a stomach bug during the party. I was miserable! I was so upset to miss my party, but my mom saved a piece of my favorite cake in the world (something chocolate chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate frosting – yeah) in the fridge for when I wasn't sick. It tasted great!


My favorite memory or no favorite memory was my son's birthday last year. I had 45 guests who were coming, so I had all these good intentions of making cupcakes for his birthday. Since we did not have a theme, this should have been easy right. Right – I bought hte supplies and they are still there in my pantry. I never did make them. I am more resolved to do it this time for my daugters BIG ONE birthday in 33 days!


I have two favourite cake memories! One is the carousel cake my mother had made for one of my birthdays when I was very young. Sure, it wasn't professional, but it was the thought that counted! The other is a memory of watching my birthday cake crack and slide apart, later to be held together by long bamboo skewers at a more recent birthday. Blackforest cake definitely needs a good cake to stay together! It was funny scrambling to keep it from ending up on the counter.


My fondest cake memory was when I attempted to make red velvet cake for the second time. My cousin was over and was watching me mix it all together. I was really under pressure though because before I started he had said 'Hmm.. maybe you could make our wedding red velvet cupcakes instead of us getting them elsewhere!'. Oh dear.. it didn't turn out so well. Probably because I overbaked it. In the end, they got their cupcakes elsewhere.. hehe. 🙂 I'll keep trying though..

Devil Dog Mamma

I am 31 now but when I was younger my mother who is not very crafty at all really produce a bit of magic when she planned our parties. My fondest cake, I remember this well, was a Strawberry Shortcake one. She made it with a vintage metal pan with Strawberry's mold and artistically decorated it with tubes of multicolored icing like an edible paint by numbers. Actually, when it turned out, it looked almost like a hooked rug I suppose. As an adult, I look back on photos and appreciate the hard work and effort she put into making my day special.


My birthday is in April and sometimes falls on Easter. When I was a little girl my aunt used to make my birthday cake for me every year. My favorite cake memory is the year she made me a 3d lamb cake for my birthday/easter. The inside was red, so when we sliced her up for serving it was creepy and delicious.

Ashley Betz

I have to say my fondest memory of a cupcake was when I turned 21. The cupcake was a delicious buckeye inspired peanut butter and chocolate mix but it was really special because of who brought it to me. I was 2,000 miles away from home at school and had not seen my family in over a year when my sister rings the door bell standing with a lit candle and cupcake. It was the best!


My best cake memories are from my birthdays as a child. When I was younger, I didn't like birthday cake. So my parents would order a chocolate chip coffee cake from a bakery every year for my birthday party. My dad would get up early and make the long trip to this special bakery every year so I could have my cake on my birthday. My friends thought it was so weird that I liked coffee cake more than normal cake with frosting, but it was something special and I loved being unique. : )


My most loved memory is When I was four years old my mom had met my future step-dad. One of the first times he met me it was my birthday and he helped make cupcakes for my class. We made the cupcakes and he decorated them with my first initial. I remember them being the most beautiful cupcakes I had ever seen. When my daughter turned four for her class We made cupcakes with her first initial. The whole time remembering back to when I was four and had very special cupcakes made for me…
leslierose at gmail dot com.


My best cupcake memory is when I had my first one at the age of 19!!! You read it right! 19!! You have to know that I grew up in Germany and well they really didn't have them back it's sort of a novelty but when we moved to the US in 1994, I had a red velvet cupcake with heart on was Valentines Day..since then it's my favorite…besides lemon!


Woo for international comps!
My favourite memory is making cupcakes that looked like hamburgers (with brownie 'meat' and icing condiments) for my friend's birthday. The cakes tasted good, but my favourite part was the time spent giggling with my friends when we were putting the burgers together!


Hello from Germany! My favourite cake memory has to be the Christmas fruit cake which my mother still makes each holiday season. As kids, we didn't like all the raisins and dried fruit in the cake, so one year picked off all the marzipan and sugar icing off the top of the cake. You can imagine her face when she unveiled the cake after Christmas dinner!


Oooh, that book looks so fun! My fondest memory was when I made a Spongebob cake for my daughter for her second birthday. He had a very large nose that stuck up from the cake and she was so enthralled by his nose! Needless to say when it came time to cut the cake she just wanted to eat his nose!!


this entry is for Sara from sneaky spoons
My favorite cake memory is from college. I decided to make a cake in the shape of a ribosome during DNA translation (so nerdy). I did this to get extra credit in my biochemistry class. The idea to make a cake in the shape of DNA becoming protein was crazy! I used Dots candy on toothpicks sticking out of a strangely shaped blue cake to represent the process. It had to be one really odd looking cake. I still remember being so nervous as I stood in front of the class explaining biochemistry with a cake. Then I had to serve the class my cake! Cupcakes would have been much better. Since then all my cakes have been a little more normal. I guess that is what happens when a scientist loves to bake.

Chris L

When I think of cake, I think of my Easy Bake Oven. The twist – I didn't get it until I was 19 and in college! It was a great way to make some small treats in a dorm room.


My fav cake memory… Has to be of the cheese cake I made for hubby's birthday (he was then my boyfriend). It turned out a disaster but he ate it anyway! 🙂 That's why a cake book would be great to help me improve my cake-baking skills! Heee…


The first time I made a flourless chocolate cake, I didn't hold the serving plate flush with the cake pan when I inverted it. My son called it Chocolate Splat. It was hideous, but still tasted delicious…


My daughter's third birthday cupcakes were decorated with bright blue icing ("water"). Everyone was walking around with blue rings around their mouths for the rest of the day!


My fondest cake memory was that of my little brother's funfetti cake, made by our mother. In the middle of the night we crept into the kitchen finding whatever quick things we could snack on – bologna, pickles, raisins, and big chunks of funfetti cake. We sat in hushed excitement by the faint glow of the night light in our shared bedroom. Today he is turning 24, I sure wish we lived closer, as I would love to share a big piece of cake with him again!


If it's not too late, my fondest cake memories are of my birthdays. My mom would always get me a white cake with strawberry filling. And my grandma always made sure to put my age plus one extra candle for "One to grow on".

Paiges of Style

Ditto, if not too late. My fondest cake memory is very recent (last weekend) and it's of my baby girl digging into her first birthday cake and being able to capture it all on video for my deployed hubby. While he's in Kuwait, watching this video gets him through this tough time of missing her big moments. Would love this book!!!


just looked through this book the other day. love it! mom made me the same cake for my birthday each year (cherry chip!) and my friend found out & made it as a suprise for me at my baby girl's baby shower!


Since becoming a Mum I've been able to indulge in making the sweetest cakes for children – and I don't stop at my own! Any birthday or gathering, it's "can I make the cake?" But the best memory would be the time a friend asked me to make a cake for her daughter's first holy communion. A lot of pressure but so rewarding.


I had my fondest cake memory made this weekend. One year ago we found out our 2 year old son was gluten intolerant, since then I have used gluten free mixes to make him cupcakes to take along to birthday parties. I always felt a little bad since I know that they two don't compare. This weekend I made my first attempt at baking my own gluten free cupcakes from scratch, and proudly sent my son to a birthday party knowing he wasn't missing out. They had turned out as soft, and moist as any wheat cupcake/cake that I've tasted. I may never turn back myself! A day that was a breakthrough for us and for him to enjoy a treat that most kids his age take for granted. Now if I could only figure out how to ice them properly…..

Julie Down

I think my favorite cake moment was when I was asked to make an anniversary cake for a couple in our church who were celebrating their 69th wedding anniversary. The reception turned out to be a wonderful event and the cake turned out lovely. It was such a blessing to honor a couple who were in their 90s and married 69 years. Celebrating this couple and their love and committment brought encouragement to me. I am by no means a professional cake baker or decorator, so this was definately a labor of love for the couple and their families. I was so blessed. Julie Down


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