Wine rack as yarn storage

All of our talk of getting organized inspired me this weekend. We rearranged and finally moved our empty wine shelves out of the living room. There’s nothing sadder than an empty wine shelf. Have no fear, the wine has found a new fancy home. But back to the lonely little shelf that was banished to the craft cave. Ta Da! A pretty rainbow of yarn storage. And more drawer space to boot! Ultimately, the shelves will be moving to a space where there is no direct sunlight. These little shelves would also be perfect for jars of notions and baubles. Now if I could only find a use for all those empty cigarette cartons. I kid, I kid.

Of course, as soon as I finished my happy little display I found another GIANT tub of yarn. I have a vice, y’all and it isn’t wine. Must step away from Michaels.

Note: as requested by Alix from Modern Kiddo, here is where you can buy your very own inchworm. Isn’t he an adorable blast from the past?



Heidi Clymer

Good if you do not have a true stash. My yarn would fill 18 of these if not more!


I was thinking the same thing! Also, I have a child young enough to play with one of those riding toys and if I had yarn on display like that she’d be pulling it out (and knotting it all) at every opportunity. It’s a super cute idea, just not very practical.


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