Giveaway! Sewing Bits & Pieces: 35 Projects Using Fabric Scraps by Sandi Henderson

Eek!  Fresh projects!  To put those fabrics scraps to amazing use!  We are so excited to be giving away a SIGNED copy of Sandi Henderson‘s new book: Sewing Bits and Pieces: 35 Projects Using Fabric Scraps AND the four chunks of her beautifully designed fabric seen below (from her Meadowsweet Collection you can buy here):

We were lucky enough to chat with Sandi at her book launch party at Quilt Market, and we can tell you this is one creative gal. She was even wearing the gorgeous sweater pictured on the cover of her book:

Take a look at her booth from Quilt Market…see all that gorgeous stuff?? So much of it can be made just with fabric scraps!

This book is a delight, with fresh projects and lots of patterns. Can you imagine making yourself some cozy slippers from fabric scraps??

I especially love this dahlia pincushion:

So to enter this giveaway, tell us something that’s in “bits and pieces” in your life. For example, my sanity. No, but seriously, there is a box with 50,000 puzzle pieces taunting me in my living room. Come back everyday for a new entry! Become a follower, share on facebook, or tweet the giveaway, then leave another comment each time letting us know for an additional entry. Entries will close at midnight June 2nd and a winner will be randomly selected.





My house and its driving me crazy. I hate clutter but every time I get rid of it, it slowly creeps back into my life.


girl scout bridging ceremony; my kitchen sink that i never see empty for a full hour, ever; my desk that i never see empty for a full hour, ever; our garage, etc.


My nails are in bits and pieces after a day working in the garden…
Love the giveaway! Count me in, Thank You! xxx


What a cool book and giveaway! My craft organization is definitely in bits and pieces and scattered everywhere in my house. Sigh.


my emails are in bits and pieces..i have the same conversation spreading through a few email accounts, need to get them organized.


Currently my big, fat, I want it soooo bad it hurts, dream is in bits and pieces. No worries. I'll get it all put back together….I hope.

Sandi is one of my go to girls for pick-me-up fabric. I would love to have her book to add to my collection


My spice cabinet is in bits and pieces lately. I keep things in small jars, but buy in bulk as well, so I just need to reorganize!


We are also moving to another state in three weeks, so our entire house is in bits n pieces right now. I'd love to win this great book since we will have a new home (RV) to redecorate very soon.


i'm flying from washington to michigan tonight and my lugage is in bits and pieces, and probably will be in until 1 hr before i need to leave


Right now my patience is in bits and pieces. Our car (2004 Dodge Stratus- my favorite of all cars) was totaled like a month and a half ago (so I haven't been able to go ANYWHERE). We hadn't even had the car very long. Adam bought it for me with his tax money in February, and then BAM some blazer rams him in the back end which knocked him under a truck. He was okay, but the car I so LOVED was now MIA. We are still waiting for the insurance check to be in the mail so I can get me something else. Waiting bites the big one. ?Jess
p.s. sorry about the rambling and thanks for the giveaway.


In bits and pieces? My life and my heart. My mom decided it would be a brilliantly fun idea to try to take custody of my daughter away from me & my husband… I've tried to lose myself in sewing to take my mind off of it, but 90% of my sewing is for her and the stitches on my heart rip right back open when I finish something and go to try it on her and can't…


I have a pair of jeans with the seams ripped out and ready and waiting for me to convert them into a skirt. The poor things have been in "bits and pieces" for too long. 🙁


My basement is full of boxes of bits and pieces — of yarn, fabric, ribbons, and more. This book looks like it could help me use up some stuff.

squirt mcgurt

I so love you guys! My entire house is in bits n pieces. we are packing to move but I'm excited cuz I will finally have a sewing room!, because that too is bits n pieces!
Thanks Ladies!


My arts and craft "shed" is in total bits and pieces! Would love this book to make all sorts of goodies with all the fabric scraps in the "shed!"


By brothers wedding quilt, that I had hoped to finish by their first anniversary, is still in bits n pieces … too bad this isn't a giveaway for an afternoon of sewing help … ;). Sandi is a wonderful gal, can't wait to flip through her book and see all her bits n pieces projects.

Jake and Esme

We are sewing like mad for this new baby on the way- although we just moved to Taos, NM- so it seems like my entire house is in "bits and pieces"- still trying to get organized- it seems like the sewing room is the only room in the house to have been completely unpacked!


Home improvement is definitely bits and pieces at my house. It seems we only have a little time to do a bit here and a bit there. Then the pieces of supplies and leftovers are all over the nursery room floor (no baby in there right now, no worries).


'bits and pieces' sounds like my days at present – i never seem to get anything done, it just bits and pieces of each task each day.. and then most days i give up and i do bits and pieces sewing of each project till they are completed.. the life of a mum! (loving it)


In my haste to get in under the wire, I forgot to post what in my life was in bits and pieces – well, that's not too hard. The question for me is, what's NOT in bits and pieces right now. We seem to have a project going in almost every room of the house, as well as putting vegetable garden in. Things are everywhere!!! And I'd LOVE to win this book. It's been on my wish list. Thanks for the chance!


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