Giveaway: Simplicity Bias Tape Maker!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!  The lovely ladies over at Simplicity heard how much we LOVE their Bias Tape Maker and offered to give one away to one awesome Prudent Baby reader!!!!  Are y’all the luckiest girls in the world or what??

We showed you how to cut bias strips and iron them into tape on our post How to Make Bias Tape and y’all went nuts for this new machine.  So I made you a video of mine at work, which you can check out here:  Bias Tape Maker Video What What!  It’s shocking how simple it is to use and how much time it saves!

Now it’s your turn to win one! Hurry up and enter, because next week I’ll be showing you how to make the bag above (with a free pattern download) using your homemade bias tape!  If you just have to have a Simplicity Bias Tape Maker right now you can pick one up for only $69 on Amazon!

So to enter this giveaway, tell us something that needs simplifying in your life. Maybe invent a magical machine to simplify it. For example: I hate folding laundry and would like Simplicity to invent a robot that would fold it for me. Oh, and put it away too. Become a follower, fan us on facebook by clicking “like” in the left sidebar, share the giveaway on facebook by clicking “like” below, or tweet the giveaway, then leave another comment each time letting us know for an additional entry. Entries will close at midnight June 16th and a winner will be randomly selected.

ENTER AWAY!  and Thanks Simplicity!




What I really need someone to invent is a machine that will give me a few extra hours every week to let me do some more sewing! Or possibly, I just need to find a way of getting my kids to nap in the day and sleep better at night πŸ™‚


Cool beans! A bias tape maker would be the best thing right at this moment since I've recently discovered the pure joy in using homemade bt vs. store bought. Bliss might be more like it. What would be a great do-dad for Simplicity to make for me? How about an automatic laundry put-er-away-er. (Don't mind washing or folding…just putting it back where it belongs!)


Oh man, great giveaway. The only thing I'd really like simplified would be love. Why does it all have to be complicated?


I'd love a machine that handled all the paperwork decision-making for me, and then transferred all the relevant data to my brain each night!


Who'd have thought this little dandy machine even existed…trust simplicity!! Bias making is so time consuming…not to mention the iron singed fingers…..mmm so simple!

I would love a machine to simplify sewing from a pattern. I don't ask for much, just cut out the pattern, iron it, iron the fabric, pin the pattern, cut the fabric pieces….all I'd have to do is sew….bliss!!!!!

Great giveaway! Hope I win?!?!!


I'd love something that would automatically put something back where it came from as soon as I was done with it!


I just made 3 yards of bias tape, all the while thinking about how much I would LOVE a bias tape maker! This would make my life much simpler. That, and a laundry-folding robot too! πŸ™‚


Brand new follower here…and I don't ever win these things, but thought I'd give it another try because I could TOTALLY use this! What needs simplifying in my life. Something like the Roomba, only one that actually works, because I've tried the Roomba and it just doesn't work that well. If I could have clean floors all the time, I'd be a much happier woman!

Reagan Law

wow I never knew such a thing existed!! cool beans!! I need deep cleaning to be simplified.. scrubbing bathrooms dusting the whole house… all of that fun stuff!

Amy C.

I WANT ONE OF THESE SOOOOO BAD. Simplify my life? How about an automatic kitchen cleaner. I feel like all I ever do is load and unload the dishwasher, and I can't keep the clutter from reappearing on the counters as soon as I clear it!

For now I'd just settle for an easy way to make my own bias tape, though πŸ˜€


I would love to have my work space simplified. I use my formal dinning room as "my studio". There is stuff everywhere, fabrics, samples, ribbon, etc.


I'd BADLY need some magical machine to cut fabric! I'm new to sewing and I make the most mistakes when cutting fabric. So frustrating! Even more frustrating: making bias tape. The machine would be really cool.


To simplify my life I could use a potty trainer. As in someone who will come potty train my daughter. Or a machine, whatever. Maybe a lightbulb over her head that will warn me that she's about to go. Or SOMETHING.


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