Fat Quarter Apron Tutorial

Make an apron out of a fat quarter in no time flat! Start making some now for christmas gifts, or do like me and just keep it for yourself.

We give so many fat quarters away I thought I’d whip up a quick project for you. All you need is one fat quarter, some cute trim, and twenty minutes.

If you don’t know what it is, a fat quarter is 1/4 yard of fabric cut into a fat rectangle 18″X22″ instead of a normal 1/4 yard which is cut long and skinny at 9″X44″.

So grab one from your stash and get the full Fat Quarter Apron Tutorial after the jump…

And remember, leave a comment on this or any post this week and you could win that awesome fat quarter up on the left to make your own apron!

How to Make a Fat Quarter Apron

1. Pre-wash and iron your fat quarter. I used an awesome matryoshka fat quarter by Kokka from Fabricworm, and some trim, but you don’t have too. If using trim you need one piece 1.5 yards long, and two pieces 3/4 of a yard long.

2. Cut a 4″ wide strip off one long side of your fat quarter like so:

3. Iron each short end of the strip 1/4″ to the wrong side. Then iron each long side 1/4″ to the wrong side:

So you’ve got a long piece that looks like this:

Now fold it in half along the length with wrong sides facing and iron:

Set it aside.

4. Now take your remaining fat quarter and lay it so the long side is on the bottom, wrong side up. Use something round (i used a lampshade but a plate works well) to trace a rounded corner:

Draw it on with an air erasable marker:

Fold your piece in half and cut the rounded corner along your drawn line:

Open it up and it looks like this:

5. Now take your 1.5 yard piece of trim and pin it right sides facing to the whole rounded edge of the apron. You want the pretty part of the trim to the inside, on the apron, face down:

Pin it all the way around:

Baste it on. Basting is sewing with a straight stitch set to a wide width, like a 5.

Now flip it over to the back of the apron and iron flat:

It looks like this from the top:

Sew it on with a straight stitch all the way around. Now it looks like this:

6. Now take your waistand piece we made earlier and lay it out, choosing which side you want to be the front of your apron and putting that side up (pay attention to which way your pattern is facing). Lay your apron under it. Is it the same length? Mine is slightly wider:

So I made a pinch pleat in the center by pinching with my fingers and pinning in place:

Open up the flap:

Place one end of the apron inside the flap about 1/2″ down from the top fold:

Pin in place. Repeat on the other side, pin all the way across:

Remove your first pinch pleat pin and replace after you place it inside your waistband:

On each side open the flap and place the end of a 3/4 yard piece of a trim right side up aligned with the top fold:

Pin all the layers together:

7. Sew down each side and all the way across the bottom of the fold. I did two rows at each side to securely hold the apron ties in place:

Finish the ends of your trim, I just tied them in a knot:

You have made yourself a fat quarter apron! Now try to take a picture of yourself wearing it where you can see the apron, you don’t look fat, your pajamas pants are hidden and the stains on your shirt don’t show. I dare you!

So, got any great fat quarter projects we should know about? Tell us in the comments!




I’ve been looking for a beginning sewing project as my 2 granddaughters are coming to see me this summer. This will be perfect. I may use grograin ribbon for the trim and sash. That fabric is so neat. I’ll have to check out what my quilt shop has in stock that gives the same “look”.


Yup. Can surely be accomplished in 20 minutes! Mine too a tad longer and used just a little more than the fat quarter because I didn’t have enough trim. I made a matching trim and ties from more of the same pattern. Wonderful! THANKS


I just started sewing a week ago and can’t wait to make this. I just got a ton of fat quarters at Michael’s for a quarter a piece.


You said you could use trim if you want to. I didn’t want to. I got to the end and realized, I have no way to tie this on. What a total waste of my time. Bad tutorial.


Oh, what a lovely idea, on my way to
get my fat quarters and make some birthday gifts.
Thank you


I found this pin a few weeks ago and have been looking for the time to drag my machine out. Well, today is the day! A snow day from school! Can’t wait to make this, my machine does embroidering also, so I think I’ll try and be creative! Thanks for the adorable idea!


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