GIVEAWAY: The America’s Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook

You already know we are fans of America’s Test Kitchen from my tour post last month, so when they sent us a copy of The America’s Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook and asked us if we would like to give one away to a lucky Prudent Baby Reader, you know we were like… um, yes please! But first we had to test out some recipes and also curl up with it in bed and read it from cover to cover. Does anyone else do that? I read cookbooks like novels. Weird. So Jaime did the cooking and I did the curling.

Here’s something I liked…

“This is what makes this book special; it is neither a diet book nor a road map to personal discovery. It is first and foremost a cookbook, one that offers big flavors and grin-inducing textures by lightening up the ingredients and techniques to the point that the natural flavors of good ingredients shine through on their own.”- Excerpt from the Preface

Their first priority was taste! That’s a healthy cookbook that I, and perhaps my meat-n-french fry family, can get behind.

Here’s what else I liked…
Cooking 101 (basic how-to-cook-healthy instructions)

A killer salad section

Some scrumptious sounding recipes using healthier grains like Barley, Couscous, Bulgur, Quinoa and Farro. This will be where I start… maybe the Farro Risotto with Arugula, Lemon and Parmesan! Sounds delish!

Step-by-step photos

A tempting assortment of cakes, cookies and quick breads

This cheese bread will be on a Fall menu with soup, for sure!

And for us mom-types, a Kid Friendly section. Usually, I would scoff at such recipes saying… “My kids eat whatever I put on the table THANKYOUVERYMUCH” but, um, I want to eat these recipes.

Plus a Whole-Wheat Pizza Dough recipe which I can respect for it’s half-whole-wheat-ness. A little bit healthier but still tasty? Nice. Quinn took a look with her binoculars and approved of the Vegetarian Entrees section.

Are you wondering what you have to do to win this fab book? Well, you just have to leave a comment here in this post. Tell us about your family’s menu style? Pretty healthy? (give us a tip!), completely embarrassing? (share, so we feel better about ourselves! HA!) Let’s just have a little conversation about how we eat.

You can leave a comment once a day.
Winner must reside in the United States. I know.
A winner will be selected on Thursday, October 7th at midnight CT

Throughout the week, we will be posting pictures of the delicious dishes that Jaime has already prepared. Your mouths will be watering! I’m not kidding! Ok, I can’t wait, here is her Zucchini Bread. But you have to wait to see the rest.




sometimes we'll purposefully leave the veggies off the kiddo's plate and then ooh and aah about good they taste. usually works to get them to try a bite. just can't use this too often or it doesn't work.

Little Missy

I'm not picky when it comes to pasta, but I think my favorite – if I had to pick just one – would be puttanesca. Without the Anchovies, because I'm vegetarian. Mmmm…tomatoes, capers and olives…and it freezes well to boot. Best stuff ever.


I love pasta, but my husband is not much or red sauce, so I love trying out different sauces, he is always willing to try new things so that helps!!!


there's a restaurant south of cincinnati called Karlo's Bistro Italia. i was a hostess there in college. their angel hair with chicken and spinach is probably my favorite meal of all time. it sounds so simple, and it is, but it comes in this incredible lemon butter sauce. with capers. and now my mouth is watering.


I grew up never having dessert, except on special occasions. My husband is a dessert every night kind of guy. We compromise and have dessert a few times a week and usually keep it small, a scoop of ice cream or a cookie and only if the kids made a good effort at eating dinner.


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