How to Make A Wristlet Key Fob

These little key fobs are such a fun way to use bits of pretty trim to make easy and VERY inexpensive stocking stuffers!

You just need a few supplies and a few minutes and you’ll have little custom homemade gifts for all your favorite ladies. And also, totally an appropriate handmade man-gift if you choose the right styles.

I love pretty ribbons. It’s so nice to get to use ’em and share ’em.

Learn How to Make A Wristlet Key Fob after the jump…

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How to Make A Wristlet Key Fob

-First you’ll need key fob hardware. I picked mine up at Amazon – 50 sets for $19 – so that’s 38 cents each.
-You’ll also need some cotton webbing. Since I bought 1″ key fob hardware, I picked up a few yards of 1″ cotton webbing at my local fabric store in a bunch of sweet colors. You can get 3 or 4 out of a yard, and a yard was 40 cents. So that’s an additional 10 cents per key fob. So we’re up to 48 cents each.
-Then you’ll need some pretty ribbon. Make sure it is thinner than your cotton webbing, so 3/4″ or less for me. Ribbon ranges in price but let’s say it was super fancy ribbon at $2 a yard, so that’s an additional 50 cents per keychain.
Total cost? 98 cents each. For a totally adorable homemade gift. Yay!

So assemble your supplies:

Now cut your cotton webbing and your ribbon into sections. About 10 inches is a good length for a wristlet, but I did some longer and some shorter and they’re all just fine:

Now cut lengths of fusible tape (I used stitch witchery). You can skip this step, but it does make it a lot easier to sew the ribbon on if you do this first, especially with fancy embroidered ribbons. So iron the ribbon to the cotton webbing with the fusible tape in the middle:

So there you have your ribbons all fused to your webbing:

Now you’re going to sew them on. You can use an edging foot if you have it, but I just used my regular foot and went slowly so I didn’t mess up. Was quite easy. You’ll also want to use a heavy duty needle (actually your regular needle will work fine, but it will become dull from sewing through the thick cotton webbing so you’ll want to change it after):

So then sew one side of the ribbon down, then the other:

Consider your thread color choices. Most of my ribbons had white edging, so i used white in my spool, then switched out my bobbin for thread that matched the cotton webbing (or as close to a match as I had in my stash) so you can’t see the stitching from the other side:

Quick note. I wanted to make one for Carleton Curtis but I did not have any ribbon I felt was sufficiently manly enough. I decided to use some fabric and ironed it into single fold bias tape, then attached as per above. Worked just as well as ribbon!

So there you have your ribbons all sewn to your webbing:

Trim the edges so they are nice and even:

Then grab your hardware. There is a clamp piece that looks like this:

It has two little pokey things that will grab your webbing.

So fold your piece of webbing in half with the ribbon on the outside:

You’ll notice my pliers have ridges. These left scuff marks on my fob hardware, so…

I wrapped them in duct tape (dearest duct tape, is there anything you cannot do?):

Problem solved!

So insert the ends of your cotton webbing into the clamp. Use your pliers to mash the clamp together, starting with a big squeeze in the middle:

Then a big squeeze on each side:

Repeat on all your key fobs:

Now the annoying part: Trying not to break your fingernail while slipping the key rings on the fobs. But carry on, I only lost one nail. Attach all your key rings:

Here is the man-version made with fabric (do you think he will like it?  would your man use one?):


What do you think? Not bad for 98 cents right??




Love doing these,except after the first 3 I made for the granddaughter because the fabric kept coming loose from the hardware and I did crimp in 3 spots, center and then both ends. So now when I make them I use E6000 glue in between the fabric and then on both sides that touch the hardware. So far, this is working.


I bought one of these at a craft sale ay the Jersey shore where I lived and my husband did not mind it at all. It had navy webbing with white ribbon and blue and red sail boats on it. My family of mostly men are football nuts and I will be making them in team colors if they ever stop losing!!!

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Perhaps you meant that your cotton webbing was .40 for each individual key fob and not each yard of it. There are no craft stores selling it for that cheap. The cheapest I’ve seen it was $2.49

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Where do you buy webbing that’s 40 cents a yard? The cheapest I found was Joann’s at 2.99 a yard!


Awesome!I especially love the ‘manly’ one as I may not have access to the fusible tape. Secondly, I work with African fabrics alot, so I see this looking really *muuahh*!


Having trouble getting the metal clasp to attach to my fabric. I didn’t use cotton webbing rather a blended webbing/trim that I think might be lighter-weight? Regardless do you just clamp really hard or have you had any problems with your material staying in the metal clasp? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am going to be selling these at a craft show very soon and I want to have quality merchandise!! Very nice tutorial though 🙂 Thanks,


I have never had a problem with a cotton or poly webbing staying in the clasp. It should be fine unless you are using a thin material. It’s hard to say without seeing it.


These are adorable! I’ve been making mine from scratch! 🙁 Cutting out material, adding the interfacing, “then” adding ruffles, etc. THIS is much easier and quicker!! THANKS FOR THE TIP!!!


A great tutorial! I make these often! To solve the issue with clamping the hardware to the belting, search for “metal turning tongs” My husband had these in his metal fab shop and they are a LIFESAVER and make this task much easier!


Use a staple remover to slide the rings onto the clasp. The staple remover will open the rings wide enough for you to attach the fobs. Save your nails!

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Amy Cascioli

I have tried several times to keep these from pulling out but had no luck. I use Poly Pro and Nylon with ribbon overlay and do exactly as mentioned but I can pull the webbing out of 1 side with a bit of tugging which is not a good thing as a new craft business owner and can use some other suggestions? I realize these key fobs are not designed for much other than keys but with a little tug you should have these falling apart..Please Let me know what is wrong or if they sell fey fob ends with 4 prongs which I havent came across anywhere on the web. Thanks Amy

sarah pockrus

Easy way to avoid breaking a nail: Use a staple remover that you can get at any office supply store. Pinch it between the 2 coils of the ring & it will open up easily


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