Ruffled Tree Skirt

All the shopping is done and the gifts are wrapped. The cookies are baked, cards are stamped, the salt dough ornaments are made and you are lounging on the couch wondering… what am I going to do for the next 10 days? Well we are here to save the day! You can make this Ruffled Tree Skirt! That’s what I did in every spare minute for the last 4 days! Maybe not the best use of these precious countdown days but isn’t it pretty? It makes me happy.

Click here to get our Ruffled Tree Skirt Tutorial.
1. Cut a 44″ diameter circle from a large piece of felt, fleece, or wool. An old blanket would work well but you can also use a sheet in a pinch. To draw a circle, pin one end of a string to the center of the fabric and tie a marker to the other end (22″ out.) With string stretched to the max, draw your circle.

2. Draw a straight line out from the center to the edge of the circle. Repeat 3 times at 90 degrees to make a “+”

3. Ignore that you can’t see the “+”. Mark 3″ out on each line and draw a 3″ radius (6″ diameter) circle out from center. 

4. Now draw a circle 7″ out from center. Repeat 3 more times adding 4″ to the circle each time. Your last section will be less than 4″

5. Cut up one of the lines and cut out the center circle.

6. Compose your fabric layout. I love the way different fabrics look in the rows but I think this would also look really nice in all one color, especially white. A sheet would be really cost effective! At the very least use inexpensive broadcloth with maybe an accent of designer fabric.

You want to end up with strips that are 6″ tall when finished so if you are going to leave the edge raw or do a rolled hem, just cut them 6″. If you are going to hem them, add seam allowance.

Your measurements may vary but for rough planning purposes, I used…

2 – 6″x42″ strips for center
4 – 6″x42″ strips for row 2
6 – 6″x42″ strips for row 3
7 – 6″x42″ strips for row 4
8 – 6″x42″ strips for row 5

7. Along the top of each strip trim with pinking shears. This wont show on the finished piece.

8. And I finished the bottom of each strip with a rolled hem on the serger.

9. At the end of each row, I ran the hem out a few extra inches before cutting off. Like I said, if you aren’t going to do a rolled hem, you can do a pinking shear edge or iron and sew a small seam.

10. Along the top edge, do a basting stitch about 1/4″ in. If you pull the back thread on one end, your fabric will gather.

11. You will need to gather each strip down to between 16″ & 18″ depending on the row.

12. Lay them out, starting with outside circle and adjust ruffle width accordingly, leave a seam on the cut edge. When you have proper ruffle-ing, tie the thread on both sides so your ruffles stay put.

13. With right sides facing, sew the ruffles end to end.

14. Trim off the rolled hem end and add a dab of glue to secure.

15. Now you will attach the ruffle to the outside circle using your most outer marker circle as a guide. You can pin it if it makes you more comfortable but it was pretty easy without it.

16. Repeat steps to attach the next 4 rows.

It’s starting to look purdy!!

17. Now take a length of 1/2″ double fold Bias Tape. Long enough to go around the center circle and tie a large bow.

Flip over your skirt. Open the bias tape and pin the shorter side along the edge of the open center circle, starting the center of the tape at the center of the circle.

18. Continue pinning around the edge of the circle.

19. Sew the bias tape to the circle. Note that I didn’t sew along the first fold per usual but about 1/4″ in.

20. Fold the tape up and over the edge and pin in place to cover the stitching.

21. Starting at the end of the bias tape, fold in the end and sew in place with a few forward and back stitches.

22. Start at the end of the tape and sew all the way up to the skirt, continue around the circle and continue out to the end of the tape, finishing the second end the same as the first.

And you are done! What do you think? Willing to give it a go?

Leave us a comment and you might win that fab Christmas fat quarter. Tell us where you are with your Christmas task list or just tell us you love the Ruffled Tree Skirt. We live on your validation.



Linda rocco

Oh my goodness how beautiful and fun that Christmas skirt is.

I wouldn’t even know how to use a sewing machine.

Very talented I love the way the printed fabric ties in all the other fabrics.

Enjoy for many magical Christmas with your family!!!!

Linda Rocco

Tonnae Bardell

Oh. my. goodness. graciousness. I love everything about this tutorial. I have been perusing all the pins for ruffled tree skirts for days. Search over. I love sewing and wasn’t crazy about using a glue gun. I was looking for something that wasn’t so haphazardly put together. This is perfect! Love the closeups and detailed instructions. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Wendy Cooper

I have just finished making the skirt as a surprise for my daughter and her family. She sent me the instructions suggesting we make it together but she is frantically busy with her beautiful online and retail store, Little Earth Nest and I know she won’t get time with only 5 days to go until Christmas. We fly east to spend Christmas with them tonight. I’m wondering If I can keep the surprise or will I give in and Skype later just in case she goes to buy fabric. LOVED making it. Thanks so much for the tutorial Merry Christmas to all.


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