Top Knot Baby Hat Tutorial

I highly recommend having your babies during a season other than Winter. All this bundling, sigh… Mostly I have been hiding at home but on occasion I venture out to scare the public with my dark circles and lack of personal grooming. On such occasion, I cover Gordon’s baldy-bean with a soft little cap, so this weekend I made him a few of these little Top Knot Baby Hats.

They were super easy and quick! A perfect little gift for a new babe and a great use for an old t-shirt or sweater.

Get the Top-Knot Baby Hat Tutorial

1. Gather your materials. I used (1) a t-shirt that Rick had worn to a white-trash party a few years ago. Pause to enjoy the photos…

Arrival with spiked jello mold and baby.

A few hours later after consuming spiked Jello mold… But where is the baby??!!

Oh there he is, phew!

And we’re back to the material… (1) a t-shirt that Rick had worn to a white-trash party a few years ago.
(2) A super-soft brushed cotton sweater and (3) some adorable Patty Young Knit for Michael Miller in Ta Dot Brown.

2.  Print out your pattern, tape together and cut out. I used the double-knot pattern for hat 1 and single-knot pattern for hat 2&3.

3. Lay out your fabric with 2 layers, right-side-facing.

4. Pin layers together in a few spots and cut out.

5. Serge around the outside of the hat (except the bottom/head opening) Be careful not to stretch your fabric as you stitch.

 If you don’t have a serger, you can sew up this project on your sewing machine. Simply use a zig-zag along the very edge of your fabric and then stitch just inside the zig-zag with a straight stitch. Again, be careful not to stretch your fabric as you go.

6. If you would like to finish the edge of the head opening, either use a serger all the way around the edge…

Or use a zig-zag on your sewing machine, stretching the fabric as you go. If you are using a knit, you should be fine leaving it unfinished. In fact, the zig-zag on the stretched knit gave it a weird wavy effect. I cut it off and left raw….

I would definitely finish the edge if you are recycling a sweater. For my sweater, I simply used the finished bottom of the sweater as my opening…

7. Turn the bottom edge of your hat up 3 inches (or whatever you think will work best for your baby) and pin cuff in place.

8. Stitch all the way around edge of cuff with a few backward stitches at the start and finish to secure. You can use a cover stitch machine (I want) for a t-shirt hem, a top-stitch or a twin-needle straight stitch on your sewing machine (stretching fabric as you go) or a zig-zag on your sewing machine (stretching fabric as you go.) I used a twin-needle straight stitch on hat 1&2 and a zig-zag stitch on hat 3. The zig-zag looked the most finished.

9. Turn your hat right-side-out and turn the cuff up. Tie your top(s) in a knot. You are finished.

Fabric tip – If you use black fabric, your adorable nugget will look like a cat burglar.

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I guess I was not really interested in how many jello-shots you had at a party! I am more interested in how much material you need for each hat?????

Laura W

I know this is a really old post, but thank you. Have just made a pair of hats, one to the pattern and one larger for my 19month old.

Super easy and super pleased with the outcome, thank you! 🙂


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