Giveaway: Bridget & Lucy Ruffle Joy Skirt & Hat

Our lovely sponsor Bridget & Lucy… A Clothing and Pattern Line is back with an amazing giveaway AND an offer code for 25% off everything in their sweet store!

This time Bridget & Lucy is giving away a Size 3 Ruffle Joy Skirt and a Medium Hat. That’s a $90 prize, woot! So to enter this giveaway, head over to Bridget & Lucy then come back tell us what your fave item or pattern is in the comments. And because this shop is named after two sweet girlies, also tell us what your two kids’ names are, or what they would be if you had two kids. We, of course, love the Ruffle Joy Kits. Scarlet is still a singleton, but I’m hoping for another little girl so I can name her Francesca. Scarlet & Frankie! So cute!

Leave your comment anytime between now and midnight next Tuesday February 8th. We will randomly select a winner and announce next week. Tweet, stumble, and/or share the giveaway on facebook and leave another comment each time letting us know for an additional entry. Come back every day for new entries.

And if you just can’t wait or want to stock up on some adorable patterns and kits, use code PBABY for 25% off storewide at Bridget & Lucy!



Amy T

I love the pink Ruffle Joy Skirt and the pink stripped hat. They are all adorable. Thanks for the giveaway. Michael and Emily


I love the Pink Ruffle Joy Skirt!! <3 My daughter's name is Sophie, and I hope I have another girl in the near future, Lucinda.... if it happens to be a blue baby he will be Oliver πŸ™‚ Thanks very much!! πŸ™‚


I love the pink ruffle joy sewing kit, my daughter loves pink. I have a daughter Madeline and a baby boy named Ben.

The Queen

I love the Bye Bye Messenger Bag pattern. What a great idea! I love how the internet has changed sewing patterns! I am not longer a slave to the big chain store patterns that were just never quite what I was looking for! I have three girls and I love ALL their names. πŸ™‚ Sabrina, Sarah, and Simone (yes we are one of THOSE families)


I really like the flash cards for their embellishments. Such a cool idea! My little emperors are Aurelia Marie and Simon Augustus.


I LOVE the pink ruffle joy kit. My 5 yo is all about anything pink. My girls are Maisey and Josephine but prefer to go by Maisey Daisy and Josie Rosie.


My eldest is just starting to get into pink so I think my fave is the pink ruffle joy kit. I think the time is fast approaching when I might start to dress them both in matching outfits! Ah, the simple pleasures of child humiliation! Although I guess they won't be too embarrassed for a few years πŸ˜€

My two girls are called Eleanor May (Ellie) – who has just turned 3, and Tabitha Rose (Tabby/Tabs) – who is 21 months.


I love the pink ruffle joy sewing kit. My 13 month old, Emma, would look adorable in it! As for our second child, his name is Winston (an 8 year old bulldog) πŸ™‚


Oh definitely the ruffle joy skirt pattern. And I have a 2 1/2 year old who would look darling in the sz 3 skirt πŸ™‚

Kristen McD

We have Carter and Kara. But they go by Buster and Kiki. Or Bubba and Sweat Pea. And their first names are Joseph and Cathryn… We're sort of all over the place.

I think the ruffle playdate pattern is darling!


Oh my goodness that skirt would be adorable on my 2 1/2 year old Emma. I also have Megan, Jacob, Allison, Cole and Katie. Yes that makes 6 of them. We are crazy busy over here but we wouldn't have it any other way. I also like the Messenger Bag pattern. So cute! Thanks.


My favorite is the Bye Bye Messenger bag! I actually have 3 kids: Dawson, Lydia, and Cohen. Lydia is my token little girl and she keeps me busy with her twirly skirts!

Fiddle 'N' Bow

Oh, my…the Ruffle Joy Skirt pattern is definitely my fave! My Zoe LOVES anything twirly and prissy. I have three kids, named Seth, Luke, and Zoe…Luke and Zoe get lumped together a lot, as they are only 21 months apart!


So beautiful! My favorite pattern is the Ruffle Joy, and my favorite item is the Purple Ruffle Joy kit! Our daughters are Lorraine (nickname Lainie) and Audrey (who we hold in our hearts but never got to hold in our arms). Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


I love the colors in the Purple Mosaic Ruffle Playdate Sewing Kit! It's something I would definitely buy for my girls, Katrina (Kat) and Mia!

My girls just celebrated their second birthday on Monday and I realized how much they inspire and motivate me to make their life full of color!

Thank you for such awesome giveaways!

Cody and Lindsay

I have been eying the ruffle joy pattern for MONTHS now! They are fun, sweet, and precocious all in one! Besides, is their anything more precious than a little girl in a skirt? My identical twins, Anne Marie and Harper Lee, are about to turn one. These skirts will be their birthday clothes!!


I love the mop tops!!! My children are William Kenten (6 yrs) and Joscelyn Kate (23 months). Joscelyn is the first little girl from my husband's family in 5 generations! She's just started to twirl in her skirts, so cute!


I love the pink and Brown striped Mop top hat. It's SO CUTE! My littles Are Sophia, 4, and Annalilia, 18 months. Phia and Lia ;-D


Wow those ruffle joy skirts are CUTE! I like the pink kit. My girls are Kayla Nd Amanda and they would love these skirts!
radharas at yahoo dot com


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