April Fools Prank: The Fake Parking Ticket with Free Downloads

Doesn’t that look official? If you got that in the mail, would you not be like “What the?? How did I get a $400 parking ticket!?!?”

Well, it’s not official. I made it all. And now I will share it with you, so you too can torture your loved ones and maniacally cackle while they curse you.

Last year I shared with your our April Fools Prank, the Fake IRS Audit with Free Downloads. HA HA HA, sorry I laugh every time I think about it. Maybe I’m mean, but I just LOVE april fools pranks. Anyhoo, that was two years ago. Last year we pulled another successful prank on our friends and family, but I couldn’t tell you about it then for fear of spoiling it. But now all is revealed: we sent them a faux parking ticket in the mail. For $401.09. Like Scarlet’s birthday that year, and the date of April Fools 4/01/09. They all fell for it! Except for one, but she was expecting it. They fell for it even though the fine prints says “19119040108119220411140.10360.9840104040109040110APRILFOOLS2132689975142323447950HAHAGOTYOU”.

We created a template based on a parking ticket I got in the mail, then we added the address of each friend and the seal of their local city, which I found via google image search. We didn’t use their license plate number or any more personal details than their addresses, and they still didn’t catch on. Duped!

Now it’s your turn! There’s still time to customize my templates and send out your own. Get the April Fool’s Fake Parking Ticket tute and free downloads after the jump…


So for this to look real, you can use our Parking Ticket Template. You just need to go into the word doc and change the address to your local parking office address or city hall address, and change any details (like the date or the amount or the violation – this one is for exceeding 2 hour parking in a school zone, what?) and if you’re feeling fancy, you can change the city seal to your city. I made them for a bunch of different cities, so if you live in Nashville, Sacramento, Minneapolis, New York, Seattle, or Dallas then you’re in luck, email me and I’ll send you the one I made for your city. So here is the ticket template: APRIL FOOLS PRANK FAKE PARKING TICKET TEMPLATE. Note the bright red “SEE INSIDE FOR COURT DATE” – we had included Scarlet’s birthday party invitation inside, they had to flip through to see it. You could write CALL THIS NUMBER FOR COURT DATE and put your phone number?

Then you’ll need a regular old window envelope to mail it in, but you’ll need to print on it so the parking violations bureau (or whatever it is called in your city) address is printed on there, to make them believe it is a parking ticket and not just toss it in the trash. Here is the LA one again, but again you can email me for the other cities or customize your own. April Fools Parking Ticket Outer Envelope Template. This one is getting cut off in google docs, and I don’t know how to fix it, but you get the idea.

And finally, if you want to go all out, you’ll need to include a return envelope and print it to look like an official parking ticket envelope. These are smaller than a traditional envelope and a little harder to find, but not impossible. here is the template for the return envelope: APRIL FOOLS PRANK FAKE PARKING TICKET RETURN ENVELOPE TEMPLATE.

Let me know if you do it, and how much joy it brings you. Also let me know if you think I’m a jerk.



ML moureau

could you please send me the word doc version so I can edit? (dallas tx) I know it is last minute…but perfect because I usually open mail and leave on hubby’s desk…so it would be perfect! Thanks!


Could you please email me this in word so I can modify it to my state please!! Sorry for being last minute just found it and it is perfect!


So today is April fools and ik it’s last minute but I want to prank my dad! So if u could plss email me the document so I could edit it that would be great or if u want to make a template for Waterford or Detroit Michigan that would be nice just email me at megrshort98@aol.com! Thx :)

Angelina Proshak

Can you please please send this to me in a word document so I could edit it! thank yo uso much!!

sophie smith

I can’t download it. Can you please e-mail it to me in word form?ILSE.ZATARAIN98@GMAIL.COM
Thank you!


hi! can you please email me the document so i can edit it! the faster the better, can’t wait to scare my boyfriend ahahha


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