Could you just die? If your baby has a lovie, you understand how this photo melts my heart. That’s Clare (the one with the green marker on her face and the shaggy Feral Child from Road Warrior hair) holding “Mermaid” and a portrait of “Mermaid” painted by Erin Chainani of First Friends Custom Toy Portraiture. Even Mermaid sees the resemblance…

Here’s what Erin says about First Friends:
First Friends celebrates children’s love for their favorite toys. Formerly a Yale-trained NYC-based professional costume designer, I’m now a Miami-based mom of three-year-old twins searching for new ways to stay creative and keep painting. I was inspired to create First Friends after painting portraits of my kids’ favorite stuffed animals — when they saw their paintings for the first time, they jumped around and screamed with joy….and thus First Friends was born. Dollies, stuffed animals, trains, action figures, or even toy garbage cans (seriously – one of my real commissions!) – whatever the toy, kids and adults love to see their favorite first friends memorialized in a unique, hand-painted portrait.

You can choose to order your portrait unframed or custom framed with a white mat and white recycled wood frame. I offer three portrait sizes, with prices ranging from $65 to $165. All portraits are hand-painted in watercolor, gouache and ink on professional-grade watercolor paper. Gift certificates are also available (and are a great option for grandparents, friends, uncles, aunts or anyone else who may not have access to a photo of the special toy). And for kids who have more than one true love, I’ll paint multiple toys together in the portrait for no extra charge.

Aren’t we going crazy over these portraits!?! I still can’t get over the cuteness and I’m so I’m excited to announce that Erin is giving away a Framed 6″x9″ custom toy portrait here on Prudent Baby!

Read on to find out how to enter this WORLDWIDE giveaway and see more adorable toy portraits.
Go to Erin’s site and peruse the gallery (Mermaid is there!) then come back here. Leave a comment anytime between now and midnight next Wednesday, March 30th. We will randomly select a winner and announce next week. WORLDWIDE!!! Tell us what YOUR favorite toy was as a tot. I was big into Smurfs, like psychotically into Smurfs. For additional entries every day, Stumble, Tweet and Facebook “Like” this giveaway. Leave an extra comment for each.

Good Luck!




I would LOVE one of these for my son's Kitty. πŸ™‚ As a wee-one, my favorite toy was a Baby Alive doll- one that you filled with water (like those old school hot water bottles) and therefore had a heavy and "life-like" doll. πŸ™‚ Her name was Elizabeth Ann. She's still mine- and sleeping in my hope chest. lol. Thanks for the chance to win!! Very cool.


That is so cute!! My favorite toy as a kid was my doll Kayleigh. I loved her so much that when she wore out, my dad searched for several weeks to find a new one just like her. (I have a great dad!!!)

Katie Davis

My favorite toys were my two babies–Susie the plastic faced, wild blonde haired doll and Mikey my curly haired, yellow suit wearing Cabbage Patch. Mikey now belongs to my 3 1/2 year old son and I hope to gift Susie to my 9 month daughter when she gets a little older. What a wonderful giveaway. Erin does beautiful work!


My favorite toy(s) as a child was my collection of MY LITTLE PONYS. I had a pony in every color and a barn to store them in. I can remember like yesterday brushing their colorful long hair. I love Erin's painting!! And would love to have my son's very first stuffed giraffe animal he received from my mother while we were still in the hospital.

Anna Claire

Definitely "Brownie" the bear. Just a plain brown teddy bear with oddly tiny feet. I dressed her in my Cabbage Patch doll clothes and whenever we traveled, I'd bring a small bag with all of her clothes inside.


My favorite toy as a little girl was Tiffany Taylor. I thought she was SO Beautiful and I loved that I could change her from Blonde to Brunette with just a twist of her hair. I still have her and by some miracle I have both of her shoes too.


I had a Curious George that I loved as a child. Could she paint a picture of a satin nightshirt? That is my daughter's lovey and has been since she was a baby. We joke that she is going to carry it down the aisle with her wedding bouquet.


Umm, absolutely LOVE this idea! Even if I don't win I will be buying this for my baby. My favorite stuffed animal as a child was a pig named "piggy." She even went to college with me!

Jamie Lott

My Lambie Pie stuffed animal was my fav. Of course, that was before my Barbie phase. My son has a lovie, a bear named Sherbet. I am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed because we simply must have his portrait!!


I had a Care Bear that was left behind During a move πŸ™ My 16 month old has a Cookie Monster doll, who she adorably calls "Nom Nom Nom". I guess I was also a Cookie Monster enthusiast because when I played a YouTube video of "C is for Cookie" at grandma's house, my mom started singing along!


I love these!! My son woulda love his 2 monkeys both named Bob! Found out about this on Jellycat FB page!!


This is adorable! My boys have a pair of bunnies that they can't live without πŸ™‚
As a kid I loved snoopy!!!!!!!!!!
andreina.bates at gmail dot com


Omg, this is literally making me choke up, what a cute idea! Even if I don't win, I'm buying one for my daughters second birthday.
My lovey was a little soft doll with a pink gingham dress and little painted on "asleep" eyes and a mouth. I still have her! And, no, I will not let my daughter have her. ;D


I had a little velvet-y pillow that quickly lost all of it's stuffy and became a raggedy old blanket called 'softie' that i had until college! my son so far loves a little white lamb. Would be so cool to have a picture like this for when he's older!


My favorite toy as a kid? I seriously don't remember! But my 3 year olds is this old, gray and tarnished teddy bear that used to be white! I would LOVE to get this done for her!! πŸ™‚


My daughter has an entire menagerie of stuffed animals that must be in the crib with her at bedtime. I was never really into toys when I was little so she's making up for me.


wow. what a wonderful idea! what a fabulous way to preserve such sweet memories. the mere thought of my 15 month old son losing his monkey, sends me into a anxiety attack…. he loves that worn out little stuffed animal so much that when he wants to cuddle with it, he walks right over to his crip where monkey "sleeps" and makes a monkey noise. silly, but such a sweet display to witness. love, love these. best of luck in your endeavor!


I had a pink/bandaid colored bunny that had brown "X"s for eyes. Shortly after it was given to me, I ripped it's ears off. It looks like a drunk bald newborn baby. I carried it everywhere until I got "too old" for it and now it resides in a box in the attic. I can't bear to look at it.


I love this idea! We have a Mr. Bear almost identical to the one in the gallery.

As a kid, I loved my Cabbage Patch Doll. Her name was Amelia, but pronounced Emily, despite my mother's attempts to convince me otherwise πŸ™‚


I ordered a custom portrait from Erin and turned out beautifully. My nephew and his parents love it. She was so fast and nice to work with.


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