Scrap-Busting Hair Bows

Jessica from Sew Home Grown is here with a tutorial for these adorable and crazy-easy little hair bows. They are so sweet and fast that I couldn’t resist sitting down immediately to make four. If you NEED to make some for your cutie-pie’s Easter basket (and, trust me, you do) here are the details!

Take it away Jessica!

Thanks Prudent Baby girls for having me on! These hairbows are easy, sweet, and a great way to use up fabric scraps!

I saw this bow on Anthro:

It’s cute, but it is 7″ wide and 5″ tall.  Pretty big bow.  I wanted to make a few last minute bows to slip into Charlotte’s Easter Basket – somehow our bows are always disappearing.  I altered the bows to be about 2″ wide and 1 1/2″ inches tall.  I made two of each color so she can have one on each side.  If you want to make some for your little one’s Easter Basket here’s what you’ll need:

Fabric scraps (at least 3″x2 1/2″)
Sewing machine/thread/scissors
Hair clip
Wire (I used the kind for jewelry making)
Hot glue
Paint chips (optional)

Step 1:  Cut out your fabric scraps 3″x 2 1/2″.  Cut two rectangles out for one bow.  Since I made 8 bows, I cut out 16 rectangles.

Step 2:  Lay the fabric right sides together and stitch around 3 sides, leaving one end open (like sewing a tiny pillowcase).

Step 3: Flip it right sides out and turn the raw edges inside. Press. Topstitch the opening closed (editor’s note: I top-stitched all the way around.)

Step 4:  Now twist the rectangle once so that it makes a bow shape. Wrap the wire around the middle a few times so that it will hold it’s shape.

Step 5:  Hot glue the bow to a hairclip.
Let it dry and that’s it!

Step 6:  I had a few paint chips lying around so I made some slits in the cards with an exacto knife

and clipped the bows onto them.

Perfect way to slip them into her little Easter Basket!

Happy Easter everyone! jessica

We are in crunch-mode for handmade Easter but you definitely have time for these little bows. What do you think? Cute, right? Leave a fun comment and you could be the winner of the Gingercake Art Tote Caddy!




Jessica, thanks for the link. I whipped out two of those cute little bunnies for the boys' Easter baskets. I had already picked up notepads! They will be thrilled!!!

Sweet Baker Babes

So Cute! I made a few for my girls, minus the wire, I just twisted the fabric and dotted with hot glue to hold in place. I LOVE them! Thanks for sharing.


So cute. Hmm just thinking of all the fabric I have in a bin . . . time to get to work.


That’s a great way to make your own bows! I haven’t seen this before and really impressed! I started creating my own bows and use glue guns and sealers, this method is much better to create bows at home without the need of all the kit. I have started my own little business making bows so anything is possible ( ) . I will create my own little guide to how to create korkers and wondered if you would be interested in me sharing it?


Dawn Grabowski

Thank you for the instructions! These look so cute and easy for this Gigi to make. These are the right size for my 22 mth old grand-daughter. I have some scrap and will make some tonight. Great idea with Valentines Day just around the corner.


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