How to Pickle Tomatoes: The Best / Easiest Recipe

How to Pickle Tomatoes

The end of summer and a bumper crop of tomatoes means preservation mode is in full effect at Casa Curtis. If you want to store some of your tomatoes for winter, pickling is a unique idea and it’s crazy easy. We’ve shown you how to can tomatoes without a canner, but that doesn’t really work for cherry tomatoes, just because you’d have to peel them and they tend to turn to mush. We’ve also showed you how to roast tomatoes and pack them in oil. YUM. You can also freeze them, I love doing that so I can toss them onto a bowl of hot pasta anytime. But why not do something fun, unique, and totally giftable to make your tomatoes last after the plants are long gone?

Pickled Tomatoes Recipe

A great way to preserve and store cherry tomatoes is to pickle them. It sounds kinda nasty (at least I thought so at first), but I played around with it for a while and came up with an easy recipe that all my taste-testers have given mad props too. Learn how to pickle tomatoes with my cherry tomato pickling recipe after the jump…

Pickled Tomato Recipe

Prep the Tomatoes
Wash your tomatoes and remove the stems.
Poke 2-3 holes through your tomatoes with a skewer. This allows the brine to seep in. You could also peel the tomatoes, but they tend to turn to mush and peeling cherry tomatoes is a pain, trust.
Place the tomatoes in a sterilized jar (simply boil the jar or run through the dishasher with no soap).
Add some fresh dill on top. You could also add some pearl onions or peppers or whatever you like.

Prepare Your Brine
In a small pot combine the following (adjust seasonings to your taste if you like)
1.5 cups apple cider vinegar
1.5 cups filtered water
2 tbls salt
2 tbls sugar
4-8 garlic cloves, sliced
Pinch coriander
4-6 peppercorns

Bring the mixture to a boil for 3-5 minutes. Remove from heat, allow to cool to room temperature.

Pour the brine into your jars over the tomatoes. It’s enough for about 3, maybe 4 pints depending on how much evaporated and how many tomatoes are stuffed into your jar.

Cover the jar with a sterilized lid and screw your ring on. Put them in the refrigerator and let them sit for at least 24 hours to soak up the goodness. They will last a long time refrigerated, a few months. That is if you don’t eat them all first.

pickling tomatoes

Curious how to use them? Here’s some ideas… they are great on a cheese plate, tossed into a salad or in a pasta salad, or diced up into a tomato relish for burgers and hot dogs. Or, my favorite – in a martini. My hubs likes ’em in a bloody mary too.



Lynn Voigt

I don’t see any recipe either or any other link to find it. If someone knows how to get to the recipe or would share it again, please do.

asdf ghjkl

Try a different browser. The recipe doesn’t show up in my Internet Explorer but does in FireFox.


Ladies, I would really like to see the recipe for the tomatoes (actually, all of them) but the HP ads that keep popping up are preventing me from seeing any of the blog. :o( I am happy to view and support any company that supports the blog, but if I can’t read anything, whats the point?


I am not having any problem like that. More than likely those ads are on your end. You might have somehow let a program through your firewall and it is giving you those pop up ads. Check your allowed programs in your firewall and your security settings.


It happened to me as well. Not so much a pop up as you get redirected to a separate page that will send you back here after 30 seconds. (It didn’t for me.) My least favorite type add short of an actual pop up. Good news is that you can get around it by hitting the X button on your browser when this page loads before the ad moves you. Takes good timing, but it almost always works for this type of ad.


Can you processes these tomatoes in a water bath to preserve? I pickle all sorts of other things and store in the pantry….I wonder if that would work? Have you tried? Thanks.

Camine Pappas

Made these over the weekend. The result was spectacular. I used multicolored, heirloom cherry tomatoes and they were pretty and sweet and just enough sour. I added a smidgeon of dried fennel seed as well to the brine and only cooled it 20 minutes instead of cooling to room temperature. I might suggest less than a sprig of dill, it was overpowering. Just a small bit of fresh seems like it would have balanced better. I served these over a filet marinated in a peppercorn vinaigrette that I grilled outdoors. So yummy and summery! I’m getting ready to post your tomato recipe on my blog, too!


Those are NOT pickled, they are marinated. Pickled is preserved – and not just refrigerated!

Kenneth Quandt

I was wondering if you could do this with regular tomatoes by maybe slicing them or something. I love pickled things and I love tomatoes. I just finished pickling some onions. Would appreciate some advice. Thanks
Ken Quandt, Minneapolis, MN


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