Sprinkled with Love Party

Birthdays have been on our mind quite a bit lately – with Gordon and Jaime’s birthday in January, Scarlet’s birthday on April Fools’ Day, and Quinn’s birthday just on the horizon. We like to keep our eyes out for fun new themes, so when Kirstin from Kojo Designs sent over her Sprinkled with Love party we nearly fell over from cuteness overload.

Wait until you see the confetti balloons and sprinkle activities she planned.

The adorable ideas don’t stop there. After you’ve gawked at this amazing birthday bash, head on over to Kojo Designs to see her Map Covered Monogram, Heart Sequined Shirt, and Best Playdough Ever.

Be sprinkled with inspiration with the prettiest party on the block photos and DIY ideas after the jump…

We laughed when our daughter Piper Jane asked for a “Sprinkle” themed birthday party. Her sweet tooth is renowned in these parts (second only to her mama’s), so a sprinkle party is perfectly suited for the Little Miss Priss’ second birthday celebration.

The dessert only (well dessert-mostly) menu included an entire line up of sprinkled treats- sprinkled donut holes, sprinkled cupcakes, sprinkle dipped marshmallows, sprinkled dipped strawberry wafers, sprinkled circus cookies, and sprinkle dipped pretzels.

Milk in sprinkle rimmed cups accompanied the sugar fest (we dipped the cups in frosting and then in sprinkles to rim the glasses).

There was also a whole table of “Nature’s Sprinkles”- aka vegetables. Of course, the sprinkle buffet was a bigger hit with the kids, though the parents were thankful for some non-sprinkled options.

The decor was mostly housed in a tent, centered around a fabric chandelier with pom poms in the middle and an apothecary cabinet filled with sprinkled treats along the back.

A bright pom pom garland across the front of the tent topped things off. Learn how to make yarn pom poms here.

Confetti filled balloons turned out to the be the hugest hit- they almost functioned as decor plus activities in one.

The activity stations around the backyard were really simple- a coloring table called SPRINKLE the paper with drawings and a tub full of spray bottle (“SPRINKLE the grass with water”). I was a little bit surprised at the absolute hit that the water bottles turned out to be. Eight dollars well spent on Target dollar bin spray bottles. Tip for future parties- include water bottles. Kids love them.

Sprinkle covered barrettes and brightly colored bow ties made for a fun favor table.

We also had circle packaged cookies as favors (and I ended up sending spray bottles home with guests as well).

The sprinkle-fabulousness was absolutely perfect for our Little Miss Sweet Tooth (and wouldn’t it be a great ‘baby sprinkle’ theme?). In fact, she’s been asking for another sprinkle party for her next birthday- the mark of a great party, right?




SO STINKIN’ CUTE!!!!! I just love that whole theme. Great tip about spray bottles. Perfect for an outdoor party!


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Can you tell me how you put the confetti in the balloons? Did you have your own helium tank? I’d love to be able to do that… But I’m not sure if a store would let me bring my own confetti to put in the balloons before they inflate them? Thanks for your advice!


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