$10 DIY Sandbox

Hi, spring is in the air! It’s 90 degrees in LA this week so outdoor play is making a comeback big time. Enter the DIY sandbox.

Every kid loves playing with sand. If you live in a small place this DIY sandbox / sand table is a great solution, and also it’s cheap. I bought one plastic wreath box on clearance at Kmart for $5 and one bag of playsand from Toys R us for another $5. Pour sand in box. Add a few cheapo sand toys. Done.

Here is play sand but because it’s 50 pounds (enough to fill one wreath box) I imagine the shipping cost would be monstrous, you can also get it at most hardware stores.  Here is a set of two of the same boxes I got but anything with a lid that snaps closed would work. I made one last year from an under-bed storage box, but because the lid didn’t snap shut, water got in and moldiness ensued. I much prefer this solution. Scarlet is in heaven. She even insisted we all climb in.

This would also be a fun way to do a “treasure hunt” for a birthday party, or even to hide easter eggs in. Summer is coming YAY!




Thanks for the great idea. It hit 80 degrees in Santa Barbara this week so we rushed out to Kmart and purchased the $29 turtle sand box with lid. I do like the portability of your idea though. Now we just have to remember our lid so the kitties don't hop in!


Cute idea! I just bought some sand at Home Depot {but for my garden plot} for $3.87 or something close to that…also 50 pounds. Way cheap!


After I saw this post on this new blog I found, I ran to find my husband to tell him all about it…both the idea and the blog! I have a feeling I will be a big fan of the ideas here. Thanks for such a great one!


This also works for making a water table (aka "sensory table")! Just clean out a storage container, we used a real long, shallow one, add some water, and you are ready to go. Be warned, the kids will inevitably climb into it, just like they do with the raised ones. The good news is that at least they aren't 12 inches of the ground (and you save about $40!)

Also, plastic cups, old tupperware and old pans also make great sand and water toys AND kids get to be more creative. Our three-year old daughter bakes us about 5 sand cakes a day when we can play outside.


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