10 Lasting Family Memories from Karisma’s Nickelodeon Experience

Thank you to Karisma Resorts for inviting us to witness the Nickelodeon Experience first hand.Karisma Azul Sensatori

Four dudes I like to call Leo, Raf, Mike and Don are waiting for you on the beach in Mexico, and don’t forget Patrick, SpongeBob, Dora and Boots. From the moment you arrive at Karisma Hotels and Resorts Azul Sensatori in Mexico’s Mayan Riviera you will be immersed in a luxurious and relaxing all-inclusive environment, with a splash of Nickelodeon, and also a splash of green slime. If you are looking for a getaway with something for everyone in the family, this trip to Mexico is bound to leave even the tiniest of your clan with lasting memories of family fun and thrilling surprises.

Karisma Azul Sensatori

I asked the kids what were their favorite memories from Azul Sensatori’s Nickelodeon Experience and it was like they were living it all over again, such joy and excitement in their eyes. Here are their favorite memories…

azulito playhouse

1. The Azulitos Playhouse By Nickelodeon:

The newly designed Azulitos Playhouse By Nickelodeon is not only filled with fun toys and cozy spots to chill, like an ALL LEGO room,  but a daily schedule of activities that rivals Summer Camp. The kids woke up every morning itching experience everything from beach soccer to a Mayan treasure hunt to an ice cream social to face painting and even surprise visits from their favorite Nick characters. It’s such a luxury to have some grown-up time knowing your kids are having an awesome experience. Zero guilt parent alone time! I even treated myself to a tennis lesson on their grass court. I’ve always wanted to play on one.

KKarisma Azulitos Playhouse azul sensatori grass tennis court

2. Family-Friendly Fancy Food

While their are plenty of convenient (and yet totally delicious) all-inclusive food options, my kids mostly remember getting all dressed up for fancy gourmet dinners, also all-inclusive. While there is one adult-only restaurant, and I totally respect that, every other dinner option is totally kid friendly. My gang is still talking about the black truffle risotto, and the taco bar, and the wings at the beach shack, and the glamorous virgin daiquiris made for all the boys and girls at the swim up bar.


3. Nickelodeon Food Options.

As if all of these scrumptious restaurants weren’t enough, Azul Sensatori has introduced so many fun Nick themed food options that the kids will never forget. During check-in, you can sip a slime smoothie (which totally tastes better than it sounds) while you hang in the gorgeous lobby for the chance to meet a few characters.

Azul sensatori nickelodeon experience IMG_0006

You can also RSVP to attend a character breakfast ($17.99 per person) where you are guaranteed a meeting with SpongeBob, Patrick, Dora and Boots, as well as a tasty gourmet meal.

IMG_0021 IMG_0688 IMG_0711 IMG_0700

And if you’re looking to bump into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you might want to grab all-you-can-eat all-inclusive PIZZA at the brand new TMNT Pizza Parlor. Their pies are on point.IMG_0036IMG_0752

IMG_0763 IMG_0760

4. Always Something to Do.

My 8 year old enjoyed learning archery at the two scheduled archery lessons each day and finding the various crafts and activities that were scheduled around the resort throughout the day. Making a beaded gecko keychain that she still has on her backpack was one of her favorite memories.

archery at Azul Sensatori

5. Nickelodeon and Nightlife

At other Karisma resorts in Mexico, the nightly stage shows are wildly entertaining, featuring dancers and musicians and acrobats. Azul Sensatori has all this and then adds unforgettable Nick-themed options such as walking the ORANGE carpet like a celebrity and enjoying a dance party where where some break-dancing turtles steal the show.

IMG_0784 IMG_0781 IMG_0668 IMG_0658 IMG_0676

6. One On One Time.

Even with all of the amazing Nickelodeon fun, my sweet six year old fondly remembers the time that she and I were able to take a little time to go for a swim alone in the pool. Thanks to everyone’s passion for the kids club, I was able to sneak each of them away for a little individual attention such as chilling in a giant swing-bed with this dude.


7. Room Service.

My kids had never had room service so it was a total treat to take advantage of the all-inclusive room service menu. One afternoon we just weren’t feeling a walk to a restaurant so we lounged in the luxe room and noshed on delicious delivery while baby boy napped.


8. Special Deliveries.

It’s easier to convince worn out kiddos that it’s time for bed when there are always goodies waiting back at the room. Cue the parade of towel animals and artisinal chocolates that “magically” appear each night. If you want to really wow them, you can order a Nick Nack Pack which includes fun items like a souvenir cup and a towel or blanket packed in a character backpack, starting at $49.

IMG_0742 IMG_0721

9. Getting Slimed. Check.

Although my kids weren’t alive in the 90’s to share my fantasy of getting slimed like a celebrity at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, they quickly got on board with the concept and jumped right in line to share in this slimy experience. Where else can you get a family photo like this one? ($98 for up to 4 guests, includes professional photos.)

Get slimed by nickelodeon

10. Tons of New Friends.

While other all-inclusive resorts feel big enough to have their own postal code, Azul felt big enough to keep you busy for a week but small enough that you would bump into the same people and make new friends. By day 2 the kids were in cahoots to meet up with new pals at the pool or at the playhouse to watch the nightly movie while their parents had a quiet dinner. You’re picking up what I’m putting down, right? Everyone was happy, relaxed, and feeling the love.

azulito sensatori

So basically if you like great food and drinks, happy kids, friendly people, and sunshine, Azul Sensatori is worth considering for your next family vacation.







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