10 Organization Cheats from Me and My Closest Friends

IMG_0374 It’s that time of year when we step back and analyze all of the ways in which we can improve ourselves, and I bet 78% of you have declared 2015 is the year that you get organized! How’s that going? Good? I am impressed! Not so good? Don’t despair. Me and my closest friends have some of the best organization cheats around. When Target asked us to share the news of their new subscription service, the ultimate organization cheat: we’re talking never running out of detergent or deodorant again, we knew it was time to spill the beans. And by “spill the beans,” I’m totally suggesting that you spill them into perfectly lined up mason jars on the counter. See? You’re more organized already!


Let’s start off with a tip from my good pal Jaime. You probably know her around these parts:

1. Start in the neatest room.
The dining room is my first stop because it’s the easiest and it makes me feel like there is an actual clean room. Then we can eat a meal in there and that makes me feel like a better mother. Double win!

2. Keep your supplies within reach.

We just installed open shelving in our kitchen with all of our most used cooking implements and tableware within reach. Having fast, convenient access to mixing bowls, measuring cups, oven mitts, and plates makes last minute meal prep and serving so much easier. And having these culinary items out in the open inspires us to cook more often. ~ Jenny from Everyday is a Holiday

Target Subscription services3. Never run out of your basics.
Cut down on trips to the store by creating a schedule of deliveries through a service like Target Subscriptions. You can order everything from printer ink to diapers, paper towels to vitamins, lip liner to dish detergent. You set (and can change) the schedule to fit your family’s needs and your essentials will start appearing on your doorstep before you run out. No more emergency trips to the store when you realize you’re out of wipes.

Read on for more of our favorite tips!


4. Contain your pretty products.
Start 2015 off with streamlining your morning and evening beauty rituals! Take your everyday products (think Q-tips, teeth whitener, cotton balls) and put them on display in jars and canisters. Keeping a routine will be easier when it’s beautifully on display (and accessible) ~ Kirby Stuart, The Southern Table

organization cheats

5. Shed those pounds.
Put your house on a diet at the beginning of the year. Buy less stuff and purge what you have. Focus on making rooms feel lighter by taking a few things out of them each day. Keep donation bins in an accessible space, and fill them over the next month. ~ Jill Krause from Baby Rabies


6. Hide in plain sight.
Use pretty baskets, vases and planters to contain the clutter in plain sight. Having a spot designated for one kind of toy, and having it within reach, gives you a better chance of the tots picking up their stuff. Kathy from Merriment Design adds; I bought a pretty storage basket to go onto our kitchen cabinet shelf (the one we keep all of our glasses in) and just threw all our sippy pieces into it. From the front, it looks really nice and tidy even though it’s filled with a bunch of straws and sippy tops and bottoms.


7. Cover up your dirty secrets.
Sink full of dirty dishes when there’s a knock on the door? Seriously, what’s with the suburbs and the “drop-ins?” Fill the basin with enough hot soapy water to hide the evidence. As an added bonus, after a long soak your dishes will clean up quick. This is one of my own sneaky little tricks. You’re welcome.IMG_0422

8. Make a Cold and Flu Casserole
Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? When the season of sickness rolls around, so do the medicine bottles. I keep pills, syrups, and ointments out of site and far from little hands by scooping them all up into one casserole dish. It’s easy to store on a high shelf and take down when you need to play nurse.

9. Serve coffee and tea, clutter-free
Jaime suggests Using canisters, dishes and trays to keep your morning brew supplies nearby and looking pretty. It makes for a great start to the day.IMG_0431

10. Create portable organization projects
I bought a cute floor canvas basket and put all of the kid’s coloring books together in it. Now whenever they want to color, we know all the coloring books are there and it also is easier to put things away. Also easier to purge – I sat down the other day while watching TV and flipped through some and threw out ones that were all colored. It also keeps me from buying more than will fit into the basket. Kathy Beymer, Merriment Design

This post is sponsored by Target Subscriptions – everyday essentials delivered on the schedule you set.




Hi Chelsea! Good luck with your organization makeover. I still have a long way to go myself but some of these ideas have really helped me. Don’t ask me about my studio!!!


Thanks so much for these tips! Yes, getting “organized” is definitely on my list of things to do in 2015! My first room was the laundry room–taking out old cabinets and putting in nicer open shelves with more storage space. Next, I am going to look into getting some essentials delivered from Target. I have used the Honest Company before for diapers, but can’t find everything there. I will be checking the Target subscription service out soon! Thanks again! 🙂


Love these ideas. The medicines in the casserole dish is great for us right now as we just got a climber that scales the bathroom sink and tries to “play” in the medicine cabinet. 🙂

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