12 Cool Ways to Honor Veterans

If you are not lucky enough to have a veteran living right there in your own home demanding foot rubs and home cooked meals this week, you might be wondering how you can show your support for veterans on Veteran’s Day. Here are some quick and easy ways to support our vets, and some that require a bit more commitment.

Social Media – since you’re already on Facebook, give a like or a share to a business that’s supporting veterans. It’s literally the easiest way to let companies know that their efforts to support our vets have not gone unnoticed. Here is a list of freebies and deals for vets from companies that are offering everything from free meals, to free haircuts, to a free cup of coffee. Don’t forget the companies that support veterans every day with discounts and deals on everything from cars to clothes to home supplies.

Gift Matching – Search out and support promotions that gift a donation to veteran support groups with every purchase. Starbucks is currently donating $5 to the USO for every Veteran’s Day gift card and e-card activated.

Send a Card – Create handmade cards or drawings with the kids and deliver them to the local VA hospital. Cute drawings, happy notes, and well wishes are typically appreciated over “Thank You for Your Service” type messages which can be troubling to struggling veterans, especially many who were drafted in the Vietnam war, a VA doctor recommends.

Greenlight A Vet This campaign was created to establish visible national support for our veterans by changing one light to green. Change one light to green in a visible location-on your porch, in your home, or at your office-and keep it glowing every day as a symbol of appreciation and support for our veterans. Then, share your support by taking a picture of your green light and posting it using the hashtag #greenlightavet

Spend Veteran’s Day at a Parade – If the kids have a holiday bring them to a local parade. Here’s a nation-wide list of Veteran’s Day parades 2015.

Visit a National Park – Here are the National Parks which commemorate our military history. This is the perfect time to see one of the lesser known national parks or revisit a favorite with a focus on it’s military contribution. This sounds like the perfect way to spend Veteran’s Day with a vet that you love.

Care Packages for Homeless Vets – Jaime’s thoughtful post on Helping the Homeless with Car Car Packages, is a practical way to help homeless veterans.

Share the Outdoors – IRISH WATER DOGS WARRIORS is a monthly program for Veterans and First Responders, focused on kayaking, kayak fishing, hiking and camping and outdoor photography. Their goal is to bring calm and peace to our service personnel, by offering a a low impact adaptive sport with both mental and physical benefits.

Play Chauffeur –  Volunteering to drive a vet ensures that even those living remotely from VA hospitals can make their appointments and never go without the treatment they need. Learn how to apply for this important roll at DAV.org.

Volunteer Locally  – Volunteer opportunities to assist vets are offered through both Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals, and the Local Veterans Assistance Program. Learn more about volunteering with vets on at DAV.org.

Join the DAV Commander’s Action Network Take some time here and learn how DAV is working with lawmakers on Veterans behalf. Read more and discover how you, too, can stand with our heroes and make sure their voice is heard in Washington.

Hire Veterans – If you have hiring power at your company, work to create job opportunities for veterans and military spouses. Starbucks, for example, is halfway to their goal of hiring 10,000 veterans and military spouses by 2018, which is so awesome. Here is a list of companies with a focus on hiring veterans and their family members.



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Jacinda thank you so much for this post. Scarlet was asking today what we could do to honor veterans. I learned so much! If I was there I would totally make Rick a home cooked meal, but I’ll leave the foot rubs to you.


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