12 DIY Christmas Stocking Projects

When I was growing up, my favorite part of Christmas morning was going through my stocking. Mostly because I love cute little trinkets, tasty treats and treasures, but also because my parents would let us snag our stockings and take them back to bed to dig through, where as “under the tree” was off-limits until they dragged themselves out to the living room. So the Christmas stocking has always held a place in my heart and these 12 DIY beauties get me even more excited about hanging a stocking by the fire in a few weeks. Up first we have a campy and on-trend Cactus Christmas Stocking Pattern by My Poppet that makes this Texas girl swoon. Here are 11 more DIY Christmas Stocking Patterns and Projects that you are sure to love…

Quilted Christmas Stocking with FREE Pattern!IMG_9036 Jersey and Wool Felt StockingIMG_3394_webb

Recycled T-Shirt Stockingrecycled t-shirt bow christmas stocking Patchwork Christmas Stocking: made from baby’s onsies.patchwork christmas stocking recycled DIY Granny Square Crocheted Stocking740667702_PvDiN-XL copy

and lastly… Last Minute Christmas Stocking easy felt christmas stocking project


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