DIY 5-Minute Toddler Legwarmers

So we shared Stevee’s DIY for Baby Legwarmers from a pair of socks and I was jealous!  I wanted some for Scarlet, but she’s almost two and ladies socks would be too small.  So I was at Target recently and I found a pair of women’s thigh-high socks, yay!  It took literally less then five minutes to make these.  When I gave them to Scarlet this morning her eyes got all wide and she said “MOMMY!  PRETTY!” *pride*

Get the full DIY Toddler Legwarmer 5- minute tutorial after the jump…

5-minute Toddler Legwarmers

1.  Acquire one pair of over-the-knee-socks (or thigh-highs in this case…p.s.  who wears thigh-high socks?  strippers? anyway…)

2.  Cut off the feet.

3.  Serge around the cut edge if you have a serger, if not, sew with a zig zag stitch.


4.  Fold that edge under and sew around the hem in coordinating thread (umm, i used orange thread on my pink socks because i was too lazy to change the thread from the Strap Cover i made last).





My 5 year old boy actually likes to wear these on cold days under his pants. A skull print passes nicely for a pretend pirate. Now I will be on the lookout for cute socks to convert for gifts! So excited! The designer ones are like $15 a piece! I could buy several pairs of socks for that price. And super quick to boot.


I was wondering about making some for my 3 & 4 year olds when you put the initial tutorial on for the baby legwarmers. Unfortunately, I knew they'd be too small….didn't even consider over the knee or thigh high socks. Thanks for the idea!!


ladies it just occurred to me to serge around the edge of the severed foot and now i also have a pair of socks. yay.


That serging the edge of the cut off sock idea is great – total win/win situation there. I *heart* new socks. That's it, I think I'm making a trek to Target today. HA!


I just used this tutorial to make a gift for a friend's baby's 1st bday party today. I did 2 coordinating pairs of leg warmers (from a set of socks from Target) and also your newest flower hair clip tutorial w/ coordinating fabric/paper scrapbooking flower/button. I only took a pic of them after I had wrapped all of it up with ribbon for the party. Woops. Thanks for this! I think I wiped out both of my Target stores on knee high/thigh high socks. haha!


I just made these today and it was so easy, even for someone like me, who is really new to sewing. I can't wait for my daughter to wear these – it makes having her wear dresses during the winter an actual possibility.



who wears thigh high socks? everyone in portland, oregon! they're *awesome*! i recommend in case you can't find thigh highs locally.

thanks for sharing your projects!


I TOTALLY just used this to make "arm socks" for myself! So excited! The thigh high socks are perfect for armpit to wrist!

Doodle On Yoo

I love thigh highs in winter! They are more comfortable than pantyhose. 🙂 Target sells wonderful cable-knit styles that are fantastic in cold weather. I am going to have to try these! My 18m LOVES wearing them, with a tutu. 🙂

not a stripper

I love thigh high socks and I’m not a stripper. I’ve got a thing for socks so I have all kinds in crazy styles and patterns. These are super cute though!


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