GIVEAWAY WINNERS: Say Mmm Premium Membership

Say Mmm has taken the concept of meal planning to the next level and now four of you will be meal planning is style with a 6 month subscription to premium service, Say Mmm Plus which includes features like price tracking, calorie counting, and unlimited recipe organization in addition to the meal planning, shopping list and recipe organization features found in the free version.

And the winners are:
randomcreativity said… Looks neat, I will have to get the free version. I love it when I have meals planned, since it means I will have all of the ingredients! I usually plan my meals around whatever is on sale đŸ™‚
Mariel said…Meal planning is really the best! It really makes cooking so much easier because you are not standing in the kitchen stressing over what to make for dinner an hour later. We too have a “notebook” ours is more a piece of paper. On the weeks we actually do it my week seem so much easier. This website seems like a wonderful way to stay organized and encouraged. I’m heading over to sign up now!
Emily Williams
said…OK as an engineer-type who is married to an engineer-type, we absolutely have been doing meal planning JUST like how you described (even down to the little details of making a list of some of our favorite meals in a little notebook). So, yes, every week we keep a running grocery list to add things like staples/toiletries/home care products that we’ve just run out of, and then at the end of the week do the meal planning and add those ingredients to the list. It’s amazing! One thing we’ve learned, though, it to NOT plan every single day. We often leave 1 or 2 evenings totally unplanned to account for those nights when we simply may not feel like making what was on the list…it gives us room to shuffle stuff around if need be. However, right now we do all of this planning manually, so it would be quite fun to do it on this site and have it on my iphone!
She’s crafty, and she’s just my type. said…Oh I need this so badly!

Congrats soon to be uber-organized mamas! Send us an email using the contact us form and we will take it from there!

And if you missed the scoop on Say Mmm , this video is a good place to start…

Also, take a look at Say Mmm on facebook (it looks like an awesome cooking/recipe community) and the free membership of Say Mmm



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